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    Hi, all,

    Back in mid-January, there were some posts about subsets of CFS. I recently came across this article by Dr. Jason in 2005 about the need for subsets. It's a great reveiw of possible ways to subset people although it is a technical article. The full article .pdf can be found by Googling ME Society of America and looking under "research-based subsets."

    One way of cutting the pie is by separating people into inflammatory, infectious, and the dreaded "other" category (possibly other yet unknown muscular/neurologic/autonomic/ ?psychiatric diseases) according to Jason. The inflammatory/ infectious category may overlap but the following would be lab indicators of inflammation/ infection:

    High eosinophil count (part of the CBC)
    High erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
    Positive anti-nuclear antibody (ANA)
    Positive rheumatoid factor (RF)
    High C-reactive protein (CRP)
    Increased lymphocytes (more infection than inflammation)
    RNAase-L (more infection than inflammation)

    (Note that some of these labs might occur with diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis but here they are talking about people without those diseases.)

    This is interesting to me because some people have posted that they have a high ESR whereas others have posted that they have a lower than normal ESR. Montoya's patients had a normal ESR per Packfan's posted .pdf.

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen studies correlating the above with NK cell function, cytokines, etc. yet.

    I am awaiting results of my labs but know I probably fit somewhere in the inflammation/ infection group since I have a high ESR (42), positive ANA (1:80), and a barely higher eosinophil count. I also had my Immunoglobulins subclassed and found I had higher than normal IgG and IgE and a barely normal lymphocyte count. My T-cell helper to suppressor ratio also increased. All of this suggests problems with my immune system being hyperactive to some degree.

    Opinions, anyone? Where do you fit?

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