Substance P Antagonist, new med being tested......

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    This is paraphrased and quoted:

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    Drugs in the Pipeline
    Substance P Antagonists (SPAs): New
    Class of Drugs Show Promise in Treating Depression

    from The Brown University Psychopharmacology Update
    Posted 04/08/2003

    Substance P antagonists (SPAs) represent a new class of promising
    compounds being investigated to treat depression and associated anxiety.
    According to a review by Patrick W. Mantyh, Ph.D., in the Journal of Clinical
    Psychiatry, substance P (SP) belongs to the neurokinin (NK) family of
    neuropeptides and interacts with the NK1 receptor. It regulates affective
    behavior and the perception of pain (nociception). SP is released in
    response to stressful stimuli, with the amount released depending on the
    frequency and intensity of the stressful stimulation. More intense and more
    frequent stimulation also diffuses SP further from its site of release.
    The name of this drug is aprepipant. It is in phase II studies for treatment of depression and anxiety, it worked better than paroxetine (an SSRI), and had fewer side effects. It is also being looked at for treatment of pain. Substance P was also noted to affect hypothyroidism.

    I found another Substance P antagonist on another web site.
    Search Google for "FM and Substance P antagonists". I am hopeful about this.