subutex verses methodone

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  1. NewEnglander

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    me again.

    anyone know if subutex is as good as methodone, for pain relief anyway.

    I really hate the way the methodone is making me feel.

    but it keeps the pain at bay, but I hate it.

    and I have to go to the methodone clinic everyday including weekends.

    there is no getting around that.

    half hour there and back.

    right now my husband is driving me, but I have to drive myself this fri thru sun. he works those days

    and I feel so sick right after taking it but have to get home quick.

    this stuff makes me feel too spacey to drive.

    I know that there are waiting list around here for getting on the subutex. but again, like the clinic, they say they do not give this med out for pain. but drug rehap.

    what do all these doctors have against treating pain.

    why do I have to fight for my life like this, I can't believe all this has happened to me.

    still have to find just a regular PCP

    doe's anyone know if I can go and get my records or if they can only go to the new PCP's office.

    I say that because of the damaging things written on my dismisal letter.

    and saying that I broke the contract.

    I'm meeting with a councelor tommorow. I'm hoping she might be able to help me find a doctor.

    I hope I like her.

    thanks again
  2. pif

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    There are a few doctors who do presribe it for pain, but not many. Subutex is very addictive and can be very hard to come off. Have you called any of the pain management dr.s in your area?

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    I've never heard of this medicine but I just wanted to say, I used to be on methadone and it is a bugger to break away from--harder than heroine, they say. I know, I ended up in ER when I thought I could do it myself. I finally did do it myself by cutting halving it several times. Eventually, I went from 1 pill a day to 1/32 of a pill a day. It took a few months to wean myself off and I did it with 30 pills. Please be careful with this stuff. Best of luck to you.