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    I typed this in the search but was didn't get any info, I must not have done it right.

    anyway, I was just wodering if anyone went from methadone to subutex

    I heard this drug makes you very tired but it must go away after awhile. and meth makes me tired.

    I just need to know if there is help out there and if subutex is an option.

    I use to be on 60 miligrams of kadian which is an oxy and percocet for break through pain. I did very well on this.
    I was on if for a year and was able to decrease other meds. never needed to increase these meds. I wish I could be back on this. but I don't think I can find another good doc that will perscribe for me.

    it was so good to be free from that kind of pain. I was able to do so much, including go out in the cold and at night. now I suffer if I do, that pain is so great.
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    I know that there is another poster here who has had great luck with this. Hang in there and I know she'll post with her experience.

    It's a shame that another Dr. won't help you if you have documention that you've been prescribed the other medication and it worked well for you!

    Did you move or something - why don't you have that dr. anymore?