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    I became very ill with CFS in 1995, after a virus hit me. I have taken all manner of prescription meds and over the counter supplements. I have traveled all over the country to see specialists and follow their protocols.

    The results were disappointing. My energy level would sometimes temporarily get better then get unstable and go back down.

    That all changed in October 2009. I began taking the prescription drug low dose naltrexone, LDN, in mid October. Within a few days I began to have more stamina. I started at 1.5 mg.

    A week later I went up to 3 mg. Two months after that I went up to 4.5 mg, which is my current dosage. My stamina is way up, yesterday I was up and going from 6 am until 6 pm without having to lie down and rest.

    At 6 pm I did lie down and watch tv but did not have that feeling of utter exhaustion that I usually have.
    (That is nearly miraculous for me. Generally by noon I am so tired and just fall into bed.)

    Ater I had been on LDN for two months and could definitly feel my energy being restored I decided to add a supplement.

    I had read that Olive Leaf Extract had antiviral abilities so I ordered a few pounds of dried olive leaf and made my own extract. I put a quart of water in a crock pot and about 4 ounces of Olive leaf ( bought from a bulk herbal store online) .

    I used the lowest setting on the crock pot and let it cook for 12 hours. I found the instructions for this on the internet.

    I poured it into a glass container and refrigerated it.. It looks like tea, and is quite bitter. I take about a cup a day. Within three days I thought I could detect even more energy than what I was getting from the LDN alone.

    I stopped taking the Olive Leaf Extract brew and found my energy went down a bit. OLE does not have caffiene. So it's not an artificial energy. I resumed the OLE and my energy went back up.

    So for me the combination of LDN, at 4.5 mg AND homemade Olive leaf Extract have got me at a level of energy that is at about 70% of what I was before illness.

    Prior to LDN, I was functioning at about 30% and many days 15% or less of pre-illness ability.

    I had all but given up of finding a real solution. I have only been on the LDN since October and will post again if I get even more improvement.

    So I hope this gives encouragement to those that have been ill a long time with CFS.

    Recovery can happen!

    Good luck all!


  2. SnooZQ

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    Barbara, I've been on full dose LDN (4.0 mg works best for me) for over a yr. now. If you respond as I did, you may continue to see improvements over the next several months.

    I started LDN primarily for fibro & arthritis, though I also had fatigue, lifelong fatigue, but not particularly the CFS pattern (which I believe is probably worse than the sort of fatigue I had.)

    Before LDN, I couldn't make any social plans due to not knowing whether or not I'd be physically capable of attending. I was most often able to do small things around the house, but even 20 min of mild effort -- say shopping or cooking, would often cause me to hit a wall, crash into bed. During a flare I would often be confined to my home for a week to 10 days, dragging myself around with a walker.

    I'm happy to report I now have a life! I've resumed volunteer work, up to 7 hrs at a time. Ditto shopping. I'm back in my garden (spring thru' autumn) working fairly vigorously up to 4 hrs. at a time. When I walk with my DH -- who used to patiently plod beside me at a snail's pace -- he can barely keep up. Haven't had a flare in forever -- the usual triggers, stress, weather changes, certain foods -- no longer seem to wreak havoc.

    I did use OLE many yrs. ago when my BP was borderline high, but I don't need it any more for that (struggled w/low BP for several yrs).

    Best wishes for continued success on your protocol.
  3. aftermath

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    I just started LDN two nights ago. I'm taking 3mg/day right now, which I'm not sure is enough for a larger guy like myself (200LBS).

    Nothing to report yet, but I'm told that it may take some time.
  4. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Thank you for sharing your positive feedback!

    I am going to my doctor on Tuesday, I may mention this drug to her; but am researching it first. I am curious to see what others have to say about it as well!

    Thanks for posting this!

    hugs DOVE

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