Success so far w/ Klonopin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MiahRoo, Aug 5, 2003.

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    Well thanks to the info on this board I talked to my doctor about Klonopin and what it may do for me. She was glad I brought it up, very excited after we began talking about it. So far I've been doing great! I cleaned my kitchen top to bottom which took a total of about 4 hours! I didn't do it all at once of course but I've felt really well so I've been doing lots. The Klonopin mixed with my oxycontin has been soooo amazing so far. I'm in quite a bit of pain tonight because I mowed the lawn today. Got a bit too ahead of myself. hehehe. I'm still in great spirits though. Working on getting my dosage right, working in some new diet ideas and exercise, I have high hopes that I'll be able to live a fairly normal life within a year or so. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the info from all on their medications, suppliments etc etc. I'm here on this board for good, it's an endless resource of fantastic information! Hope all of you are feeling well.
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    The mix between my pain meds and the klonopin is what has made this so fantastic for me. My pain is much more under control. My energy level in the morning is fantastic. I've had a few hours everyday that feel almost symptom free. My back spasms are at a minimum and I've been sleeping wonderfully! I'm also much less anxious. (I've always struggled with awful anxiety and panic disorders) It's been great for so many things. I highly suggest it/mixed with whatever other meds for an overall feeling of wellness. Talk to your docs...I'll never go without this med again!