Success Stories From Chronic Pain Sufferers

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    I wanted to share this information in the hopes that it might inspire people to find a way out of the pain.

    A post of this blog

    talks about one individual's recovery from chronic pain from RSI. This post also links to another wiki site with many people who have recovered from Fibromyalgia using technique developed by Dr John Sarno

    I haven't personally tried this technique but I definitely will.

    It is rare to see success stories on this site so I just thought I would share in the hopes that it might help someone.

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    Read the divided mind by Dr Sarno, ordered the MindBody Prescription, Its early days but i'm telling you theres something in this. Peope seem to be very hostile towards the idea of the psychological but this explains it really well, its not about conscious rage its about the unconscious rage that has no recognition of time and was set up in our primitive brain (the unconscious) from childhood. We are made of three people, the child self, which is this primitive self, its self centred, narcisstic, dependent, aggressive, its has its nice qualities aswell but there not what make us sick, its everything you see in a child when its battling in its toddler years of temper tantrums, to live up to expectations, and fit in with adult society. Then theres the adult self which is the part of us which trys to keep a balance be responsible, then theres the parent, which puts pressure on us not just to be good but be the best, ie a perfectionist at what we do, and its the clash between these two unconscious minds the parent putting pressure on the child to do things it does not want to do which causes the adult self to take drastic action to stop the primitive child self breaking through into the conscious as this would make us act out in an unacceptable manner, and so fearing this danger for the unconscious mind to break out into the conscious the adult causes pain in the body as a distraction, this can be the reason for a headache or stomach upset to the pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain, back pain, cfs etc etc. because it is more acceptable for the individual to be in pain than for the fear of the adult self for it to act unacceptably. This is all done outside our awareness, we have no choice in it. the child has no idea of time either, so any anger from self imposed, or external events that happen to us throughout our life just add's to that pool of rage, and this is why some suffer more severly than others. Do not get confused between anger and rage, or rage that we are conscious of, this is not what we are talking about. We are not responsible for what is happening in the brain, its like two parts of everyone's brain is constant conflict with eachother this is too do with evolution not to do with us on a personal basis which is how this is often misrepresented by the medical profession, and if your familar with the anatomy and physiology of the body with regards to these pain condition ie the hypothalumus which is part of the lymbic system (the emotional brain) which controls the autonomic system (fight of flight response) both of which dysfunction in these conditons it makes sense that there is some kind of unconscious conflict going on, Carl Jung has spoke about this in many psychological books, its makes alot of sense, and the only thing you need to do is 'understand' what is going on, knowledge in this case is power, after all what have you got to lose anyway considering the amount we spend on prescriptions, you can pick the book up cheap on the wellknown auction websites. Theres also another called Freedom from Fibromyalgia, check them out the reviews on the websites. i wish i'd found them years ago, that said everything comes in time. Be nice to hear other peoples experiences. all the best

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