Success Stories!!! Share them, for fun, for faith

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    Who has beaten this? Who has gotten some or all of her/his life back? I'm sure there are posts all over this website about what has worked and what hasn't. But just post them here again for people to read as a reminder that there is an answer out there!!!! There can never be too much hope or faith. We need it.

    Thank you!!!

    p.s. For me I've done acupuncture since March. I feel a bit better immediately following it but the long lasting effects have not manifested themselves as of yet. And each treatment costs $75. I also did a homepathic treatment and took an herb of potency protease (don't want to write exact name/brand here) that was to "activate macrophages" -- it caused me to relapse horrendously. I suppose CFSers do NOT need to activate their immune systems?! Finally, I did a colon cleanse over a period of 4 weeks which actually did help a tiny bit. BUt I'm still not even close to a full recovery.

  2. HuggyMummy

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    just a 'little' success story (and I wantd to bump topic before it disappeared over page:)

    RLS - almost 99% gone - no caffeine after 2pm, iron tablets (as prescribed by doc for anemia), and calcium/magnesium tablets at nighttime - Result: no more RLS in bed, only twice whilst on long trips - for me, that's a success story:)


    PS Please do NOT take iron tablets unless instructed to do so by doc - can cause major problems
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    I do take some supplements, but defer to those on this board who are the experts. I receive much relief of pain with myofascial treatments. Help myself with pool/water aerobics/pilates-yoga/physioball. Fondly, June
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    my only pain management is magnesium glycinate, about 900mgs spread out in 4 doses thru the day. This allowed me to start stretching the ligaments/muscles in the back of my legs and I can now not only touch my knees but my ankles. It took a lot of dilligence to get them there but without the magnesium I wouldnt have been able to do anything except scream with the pain. The elastic in my panties around my legs would feel like a hot poker cutting into my flesh when I sat on it. No more

    Do do some accupressure on spots and it works. Have one spot nest to my spine that is always troublesome but nothing that I would resort to pain pills and the side effects they cause.
  5. cristine04

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    I want to try accupressure and also will soon be starting supplements.
  6. IgotYou

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    Brain fog has been greatly reduced by eliminating refined sugars and wheat.
    Flax seed meal on everything has increased regularity.
    Amino acids have balanced out my appetite - I'm no longer hungry all the time and am losing weight without trying. I feel more balanced. Also, my dry mouth, dry eyes, and dry everything else are gone since starting the amino acids. I take all the non-essential amino acids.
  7. Ahorsesoul

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    I think the end of my rope had just slipped out of my hand when I saw Dr Vrchota (Wabasha, MN) for my FM. She treats with Dr Teitelbaum’s protocol. She did the VCS test, I was positive for neurotoxins. She said she wanted to start me out on this drug first because they are finding many FM symptoms go away or greatly reduce. I started Cholestyramine July 2. Within two weeks I noticed I could roll over in bed without screaming in pain. As the days went by, I could feel the bones in my hands, my edema reduced. Pain in my joints reduced, my energy level started increasing, fibro fog cleared, and I no longer felt I needed a nap before getting out of bed in the morning. My bladder irritability stopped, no more getting up at night or stopping at every bathroom in the country when I drove. Sleep started to improve (remember sleep?) And I noticed I could drive at night again, the glare of the headlights did not blind me! During this time I ordered new glasses, the shop forgot to order my sunglasses. I knew I was not going to be able to drive home in the bright sunlight. I have worn dark photo gray lens for over 20 years because the light hurts my eyes. I was surprised as soon as I stepped outside into the sunshine, not squinting at all. What a beautiful world of colors and light! I have less cravings, more interest in life. Some where along the way, my depression lifted (it forgot to say goodbye, I just say good riddance). Panic attacks are less often and less intense. I am starting to become interested in my hobbies again. I no longer feel the whole world is passing by me. I see more details in life; it is not just a blur. I do still have FM symptoms, but they are so greatly reduced that life is livable! Friends are commenting on how well I look and say I have a spring in my step. I had forgotten what it was like to have a spring in my step, it is nice. Just this week I noticed the tremors I was having stopped. My balance improved, I feel a lot steadier. It has been over two months since I started cholestyramine. It has saved my life. When I first started taking this, I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out when or how I was suppose to take it. Heck I lived in Fibro Fog I couldn’t hardly remember my own name much less than follow directions. LOL I just took it the best I could and did not worry if I was wrong or not. I am down to taking it at least once a day until my next appointment the end of Sept. Read all you can about this treatment and get tested for neurotoxins. I took it because I saw the remarkable results a friend had with this drug. It is not absorbed into the blood stream. Just search this site for more into.

    Oh one more thing, I noticed I was making a strange noise today. Then I realized I was humming a song, Can't remember when the last time was I was walking around humming!

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