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    Hey, Everyone. I have had a slew of autoimmune concerns over the last couple of decades. FINALLY, I'm getting it that I have probably had systemic candida forever; and, am ready to get well. I've gradually changed my diet over the years, and have been almost totally sugar and grain-free for the past couple of months; but, am not feeling better. Different practitioners have told me over the years that I probably have candida...I would try to get rid of it, but did not know how to cut out sugar due to extreme cravings and depression. ANYWAY, here I am...feeling so ready to change things, but need to hear some success stories. I think I'm getting a handle on what to do, but need to hear your successes. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the board. If you look at the upper left corner you will
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    one site. There is a board for candida. It is not very active, but previous
    posts may be helpful to you.

    You can also find the board rules in the upper right corner. The Chit Chat
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    Best of luck