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    I'd like to update everyone on successes I've had in treating patients (including the original 20 year old I mentioned months ago).

    As I've said before, I believe the root problem is some sort of adrenal dysfunction, which causes an upregulated immune system and then the opporunistic infections take over.

    I've focused on treating some of the outlying symptoms while mainly focusing on the adrenal problems.

    This is the protocol that I have used on at least 9 patients that I have been treating with a lot of success :

    Raw Adrenal Extract (adrenal polypeptide fractions)
    Thymic Protein - A (or raw thymus gland extract)
    Vitamin C 6 times a day @ 1000mg
    Sugar/Year/Dairy/Meat Free Diet
    Check for Candida infections, if present, Diflucan 2 weeks max, then Nystatin. Nizoral a big no-no. Damages liver!
    Panax ginseng 2 x a day
    Methylcobalamin (b12) either injections or sublingual, only the methyl form - 3X a day 1000 milligram.
    Regulated sleeping hours, including daily naps help using melatonin. also a sleeping mass, or no light area.
    DHEA daily

    This has helped most, if not all of my patients to regain about 80% of their pre-CFS state. I've tried each supplement or drug individually, and it seems they all make a major difference in some way. Adrenal extract, thymic protein A, and the candida diet/drugs seem to help the most.

    I wish everyone the best.


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    I have FMS, not CFS, and I would be almost dead if I followed this protocol (ie. DHEA makes me shake like a leaf, ginseng of any kind makes my blood pressure soar, and any more than 500 mgs. of Vitamin C makes me have constant burning diarreha). I am also scared of the sources of the raw glandulars, and have read that they are loaded with parasites, though I took them in the past with no results or probems. What about the recent research showing we can't absorb more than 160 mgs. of vitamin C daily? Do you think the studies were flawed?
    I guess this just shows we are all different, and that CFS is different from FMS.
    I am very glad this worked for your patients, and I hope Madwolf sees your post, since he is also a practitioner (a PA).
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    Dr. Breck I am just curious, do you diagnose based solely on symptoms or do you have a diagnostic protocol as well?
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    One supplement that you may not know about that can of help for your immune system is thymic protein.

    The thymus is a gland located under your breastbone. In a newborn, it is similar in size to the heart, continues growing until age 2 or 3, then stays the same size until puberty, at which point it begins to shrink. By 40, the thymus is reduced to about one-sixth its original size, and the elderly have almost no thymic function.

    But the thymus is a critical part of the immune system. It is in our thymus gland there cancer- and infection-fighting T-cells mature. So a shrinking thymus leaves less space for maturation of T-cells, and reduces our immunity and ability to fight off infection.

    Some preliminary research has found that supplementation with zinc can help to restore thymic function. In addition, another supplement that can help is thymic function is thymic protein.

    To prepare thymic protein, thymus cells from cows are grown in a laboratory, and then purified. (Since it’s made of purified cells, and not a whole animal, there’s no risk of mad cow disease.) Clinical research is already underway, but anecdotal reports from patients and practitioners point to many positive results. Overall, thymic protein is claimed to:
    strengthen the ability to fight infection
    fight active infections, such as colds, herpes, shingles, flu, sinusitis
    help treat chronic viral infections
    decrease viral loads of viruses such as Epstein-Barr virus and others
    increase white blood cell count
    increase t-cell levels
    increase white cell count
    improveme symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
    help calm immune response in some autoimmune diseases
    In a small clinical trial of patients with Epstein-Barr virus, participants took 4 mcg of thymic protein, three times daily, for 60 days. After treatment, the Epstein-Barr virus levels were reduced in two-thirds of patients, and in one case, the levels dropped by 75%. Meanwhile, all of the patients reported reduced feeling generally better, with most reporting greater energy and needed less sleep.

    Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum recommends thymic protein for people who have chronic viral syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome that appears to be viral in origin, or anyone who is exposed to or fighting off a virus. Dr. Teitelbaum also swears by it for himself and his own family.

    Noted natural medicine expert Julian Whitaker, M.D., Director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California, has said that thymic protein is "likely the most powerful stimulant of the immune system ever discovered."

    Based on Dr. Teitelbaum’s recommendation, I’ve started using thymic protein, and have to report that I have had fantastic results with this product. With a preschool child who frequently comes home with various colds and viruses, I am frequently exposed to viruses. When I feel like I’m coming down with a something, I take 2 to 3 packets of thymic protein a day (it’s a nearly tasteless powder that you put under your tongue so it can be absorbed sublingually), and I have been able to ward off several colds in progress. I’ve also given it to my preschooler, and it prevented her colds from developing into full-scale illnesses with resulting ear infections.

    Sometimes people wonder if taking something that stimulates the immune system would in fact be bad for someone with an autoimmune disease. Actually, many practitioners do not believe that immune-stimulating supplements such as thymic protein (or echinacea, one that people frequently ask about) are over-stimulating to people with autoimmune conditions. Rather, since autoimmune disease is known to be a dysregulation of the immune system – it is NOT an overactive immune system, as is sometimes erroneously thought. So something that helps the immune system function properly can actually help people with autoimmune diseases, rather than overstimulate.
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    good to see you keep us posted!

    Maybe your regime is good for people who aren't very ill yet, as they seem to be able to take those meds and also seem to be able to sleep without meds.

    I have CFIDS, but can't take the methylcobalamin (unbearable headaches), nor the DHEA (causes depression) or ginseng (no sleep despite sleeping meds) nor more than 1gr Vit C (bad headache).
    What do you do with patients that are sensitive to your meds?

    Also - do your patients have growth hormone deficiency and liver detox problems, as many of us have? Are they mercury toxic? what do you do about these things?

    in any case, keep up the good work!

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    I looked at your profile, but it is not filled in. Are you an M.D., D.O., or P.A? Since you speak of treating patients, I assume you are a medical professional. I'm sure others, as well as I, would enjoy knowing more about your background.

    Love, Mikie
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    It didn't work for me. DHEA aggravates my FMS. I finally found out why. DHEA raises your natural hormone levels and I seem to be allergic to progesterone. So an increase in progesterone causes an increase in FMS symptoms.