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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Dec 3, 2004.

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    What transfer factors have you all taken with great success, leas amount of side effects, and life given back to you? Name type of Tf and amount you take. Lets all compare what we have done. Also...are any of you on the 4life transfer factor? Several times I have called on the 4Life brand Tf and they rave on how they have the patent on Tf that nobody else has???mmmm. So, whats the difference then in power between the essentials vs. 4Life???
    This is a lot to cover but thanks to all for writing. Hope it helps others too. Happy Holidays to everyone out there.
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    but they sell the "rights" to use it to other companies. It is a way they make money. But I have no problem with that...other companies want to make "targeted" TFs and I guess 4Life wasn't interested in doing that. I don't know the difference between 4Life and the Essentials except that it seems that Essentials adds some supplements that they feel enhance the TF. My sis who does NOT have CFS tried the Essential for about 6 months and didn't get a cold or other virus that year. She was impressed.

    I have taken Immune Transfer C for about 16 months and just stopped 2 weeks ago for a "break" from it.

    The sense of "well being" was the first thing to come...what a great feeling. I had a immune response to this TF but I have never had a "die off" herx, so I had some yucky feelings at first BUT could tell that the TF was working for the good.

    Over the 16 years with CFS, I could barely exercise but whatever I could do I did...water therapy, walking 5 mins in the house and slowly building up to 20 mins outside.
    SLOWLY I increased my exercise so that after about 8 months I could walk an hour 3-4 times a week and attend 3 exercise classes (45 mins long). Two were yoga/stretching and one was a "pump it up" class. At first I could only do the warm up for the "pump it up class" but then stayed the whole class with breaks during the class and finally I can do the whole class.

    My worst unresolved symptom right now is cognitive. Noise, concentrating very hard on me still.


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    I had a big immune response to the TF's and had to gradually build up to a whole capsule of each. I took them for three months and Herxed five times. I pulsed off them and felt much better. I just pulsed back for a booster for three days and Herxed again.

    That I Herxed so much shows me that these TF's killed off a bunch of nasty pathogens. Right now, I'm recovering from spending Thanksgiving in Denver. I had a great time, but traveling is very hard on me.

    I think the TF's are amazing and am glad I am using them.

    Love, Mikie
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    I started taking TF 200 a week ago. Started with a half capsule for the first two days. Didn't feel any bad reaction, actually felt quite good. By the third day I was taking a full capsule and I started to feel very, very tired ( more than usual which is pretty bad). Truthfully it is hard to tell what is 'normal' misery, and what is caused by any of the many things than can cause me to feel more miserable, such as the Transfer Factors.

    I am also taking Guai and have for over a year now. Do I feel better than I did a year ago? Yes, but only a matter of degrees. My pain is worse now than it was a year ago, but my fatigue is a bit better.

    So glad this board is here for me to learn from.

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    Do you think the worse pain is from the Guai itself? If not, you can increase the Guai which will cause more painful flares in the beginning but will eventually help you to be more pain free.

    I gradually increased the Guai for the first three years up to 2400 mgs. For the last six months, I have decreased it to 600 mgs. I have added another 300 mgs. as the 600 was only maintaining my level and I'm about 85-90 percent reversed. It takes 900 mgs. to maintain and reverse the last 10-15 percent of my FMS symptoms.

    Strangely enough, if I do something to bring on a flare or if I injure myself, the pain will return and feel just like it did before I started to take the Guai.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for your response.

    I actually cut back my Guai from 300 mgs 3 x a day, to twice a day, because the 'fish hook' pain was very bad.

    My husband and I have made a big move this fall, and I think part of the pain might be related to all that it took out of me. We sold our home, had a yard sale, packed our house, and moved from BC to manitoba. I even drove one of our vehicles all the way. I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing, but somehow, adrenaline or what ever.... Once we got partially settled into our apartment, I collapsed and haven't completely recovered to where I was before the decision to move

    Also during the move I was not as sal free as I should be, and that worsened the situation. I am sure the guai has helped me, but with this move it is hard to remember.

    Hey Blazer, sorry for having this conversation in your message line.

    I do want to start on the Transfer Factor C, but I am going to wait until I am recuperated a bit more, and see what the TF 200 has done to my well-being.

    It is so good to have this board to read and learn from, Thank you,
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    No wonder you are in a flare. You have really been through a lot. Moving is hard enough for healthy people.

    My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

    Love, Mikie
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    Ok...I have been so tired and sick for about 2 1/2 weeks now. One transfactor 4000 for the first week...two the second...and I started three on Monday. This is Wed.
    This is the first day that I actually wanted to get out of bed. I felt really great today. Next week, doc has me doing four per day...then the next week I start transfactor 6000...and build up to four of those...a total of eight.

    Wish me luck....

    I'll keep you informed on my "progress." LOL!
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    TF's are still pretty new and cutting edge for most of us and the more info we can get, the better.

    Love, Mikie