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    I'm on week 3 of Zhang's lyme herbs. My bladder can't handle allicin, so I'm on the alternate of Coptis.

    I feel like crap, tired, muscle pain.

    Has anyone had sucess? I've felt worse on things before and never felt better after. Also, with the cost, I want to see if some people have improved

    Also, how do I know the herbs are helping me?


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    Hi Lisaloo:

    I have not tried the Zhang herbs but have heard of people having success with it -- mostly on Lymenet. I don't care for mixing things and drinking them so my only experience with herbs was to do the Buhner herbs at half strength for a year. In the book, "Healing Lyme" Dr Buhner suggests doing them for 6 month. I was on Abx at the time so I didn't want to go hog wild.

    My doc approved this too. It's important to run things by your LLMD. Do you have someone that you like?

    My previous LLMD always defined a herx as a worsening of existing symptoms. If you feel worse than you did before you took the herbs than that could indicate a herx or die off of bacteria.

    Unfortunately, with Lyme and some of the other infections you will not get better before you get worse. The die-off is a necessary evil. The trick is to not become so sick that you can't function.

    Have you tried an elimination diet for the IC? I found following one to be very helpful. I suspect the Lyme and candida together cause all sorts of problems in us. My old LLMD says that Lyme and candida hang out in the same cell so it makes it nearly impossible to kill off either pathogen.

    I bring this up because if you could tolerate more treatments by overcoming the IC you might be able to get rid of the Lyme symptoms. Possibly some of your symptoms overlap as is the case with many a Lyme patient. Food intolerances are really nasty!

    I also had a LEAP test for food allergies & intolerances thru FFC. I find that after 4 years some of the positive foods from the test still make me sick with either a migraine, abdominal bloating, IBS type symptoms, increased urination and frequency, painful urination (happens every time I eat certain nuts like pecans) and a rapid pulse.

    Here is a link to the patient pre-screening quiz for the LEAP test or MRT which stands for mediator release testing:

    Have you tried this board? There is someone else with IC and Lyme here so maybe you could chat with each other. Have you tried a posting on Lymenet to see if there are others with both conditions?

    I've been working on killing off the pathogens and supplementing low hormones since 2006 and have never felt better in my life. This means that I am doing something for all forms of pathogens (an anti-viral Famvir for EBV, two anti-fungal meds, Diflucan and Nystatin plus the elimination & candida type diet, and am currently on IM Claforan, pulsed Zithromax and pelleted Minocycline plus I followed the Jemsek protocol for Babs & Bart over the spring.)

    I did a 10 month course of heparin for hypercoagulation too. My sed rate was only 1 and the Hemex panel which is now done by Lapcorp or Esoterix showed a problem with fibrin. Repeat tests show that my body is still getting rid of the fibrin.

    I've had very good success following Dr Holtorf's CFS & Fibro roadmap:

    We just had our annual harvest days fair in Dwight. I was at the festival eating junk for all weekend. I super overdid things by cleaning my house from top to bottom (the company clean) and running around for 5 days in a row.

    I expected beforehand that I would need to spend Monday in bed recouping from the long weekend and all of the company we had but that was NOT necessary. I had no relapse of any kind. I've been running at 98% better and even my libido has returned. I've still got my cycle at age 52.5 and have not needed any pellets of estrogen and testosterone since Feb.

    What I've been doing lately was to up my cortisol by 5 mg each day to combat the stress and I was just fine. My new LLMD suggested doing this in times of stress and it has worked out very well for me. Even my pediatric endocrinologist is on board with the concept.

    I hope you find something that works for you.
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    Allicin sounds to me like it's made from something from the onion or garlic family. If you can't tolerate that food either without setting off your IBS then there is no chance you'd be able to handle the herb. Just thought I'd mention this in case it helps.

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    Thanks for your thoughts.

    My IC is 100% under control as long as I avoid bad herbs, citris foods, etc. Even when I went into a 3 year long remission, I coudlnt' take garlic or b vitamins.

    So glad to hear you are doing better.
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    I hope you can find a way to unlock the puzzle of this illness. You deserve it Lisaloo!
  6. munch1958

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    I hope you can find a way to unlock the puzzle of this illness. You deserve it Lisaloo!