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    hey everyone : i have been off the board for a while but felt i had to share my recent experience. i had waited for 9 months to get in and see a specialist for my cfs. the past 2 years i would have 2or3 good days followed by 4 or 5 bad bad days. every test in the world came back normal and so on. this doctor spent 3 hours with me and ilearned more from him than any other doc i have been to. i had eppstein barr titers that were real high when this first came on. i was also an emergency thechnician for 7 years just getting ready to go to physician asistant school. i remember getting a neddle stick after drawing blood from a lady whom had flu like symptoms. the doctor told me he has 70 nurses and 2 doctors he sees for this same thing.
    he said when we are young we contract the herpes 6-b virus and 80% of the population will test positive for the eppstein barr virus (also part of the herpes family) however our immune system usually keeps these in check if you get a direct blood to blood contamination like a neddle stick from someone who has it or the big culprit is type a personality mixed with high stress level. the imune sustem becomes weak and the viruses take over. they have also learned that there is another virus they think to be the cause called human herpes virus 6-a, and it layes dormant and then becomes active every 4 or 5 days. it also attaches to the arterial walls and messes with the clotting factors of the blood making it thicker than normal. this would explain my shortness of breath on some days and not on others and fatigue (poor oxygen exchange at the lungs).
    he has worked with a company to formulate a product called immune care 64. the transfer factor targeted for eppstein barr is transfer factor 540, the hhv 6 a, and the hh6 b, and cmv viruses is transfer factor 560. i have been on im 64 a week 3 225mg tablets twice a day and have had good results. 8 good days in a row i even worked and only had 2 slightley bad days.
    wild bill

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    Hi Bill

    Thanks for your imput on transfer factor. I too have high EB titers and went to see a new Dr who recommended the possible use of TF for my case. Did you experience any of the side effects such as flu like symptoms? How long did it take to feel any improvement?

    I have another appointment in 2 weeks with my new Dr so I may decide to try it then.

    Thanks for the update

    Still feeling better?
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    Hey, Wild Bill, please give us an update on how you're doing? Are you still taking TF? Do you notice any difference?
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    Hi WildBill,

    Where can I get ImmuneCare 64? Did you suffer from CFS prior to taking this? What exactly is it? Tulip
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    Hi, happy to hear about the IM 64 worked for you. I love to hear about this. I take the 4000 and 6000 tf. you think the Immune Care 64 would be better..and some have done better so quickly. How are you doing now?
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    Just posted a post asking about this and other herpes strains.

    I am type A, or was, lol, and have had increasing levels of stress for the last two years, thought I was on top of it, but folded with fms last summer.

    So, do you think it's possible that I crashed because the herpes zoraster virus reared up again? I had recurring shingles for two years a while back, stopped the attacks by getting a hysterectomy, dr. said that I was recurring because of constant anemia. I had only had two small bouts of it after my surgery, one that I managed to overcome by myself, simply because I couldn't afford the Famvir until Friday, and was better by then, so decided to see if I could heal on my own. Was pretty surprised!

    Also, a person close to me has genital herpes, and terrible periods, and suffers a lot several times a month. Would the transfer factor help her also??