Such a beautiful day..Guess what? Read post to find out!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by ValleyGirl89, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. ValleyGirl89

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    Let me start off by saying that since I have joined this worship board, I have been praying for my rededication and I know you all have also been praying for this. After getting off of here last night, I prayed a little more than I have been and I did rededicate my life back to our Lord! Oh happy day! I am feeling so good this morning! I now know and understand what everyone has been trying all along to tell me, and after praying last night and this morning and having my own private talk time with the Lord, I found out that he did not ever leave me! He was there all along just waiting for me to take that small precious step! He is so forgiving and I didn't realize that all I had to do was reopen my heart to Him! Debbie, won't you be so suprised? I wanted to wait and let you read this on the worship board.
    I want to thank everyone who has been so kind and have prayed for me. I want to thank all of those for their post that have been such an encouragement and blessing to me. And Danny, I reread your post last night and this morning, the one about doubting, and I wanted you to know I felt that your message was for me, that is why I kept going back to it over and over to read it. I turned all my doubts and troubles over to our Lord and I am confident that he will take care of them for me. I asked the Lord to clean house, I opened all of my doors to him and asked him to toss anything that was unfit out the doors. There was no door left closed, all were and are wide open to him. Again I want to thank everyone for all that they have given to me thru this board, but most of all, I want to thank the Lord for being so forgiving and never leaving me! I will post more later and I will be thinking of everyone today and yes, I will be praying for all of you too! Love to all in Jesus name!
  2. mamafrey

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    i have the chills up my arms and tears in my eyes. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. Keep in touch, love you, mama
  3. Takesha

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    I am so thrilled, and my smile reaches from ear to ear. Praise God. Don't you feel like the biggest load has been lifted off of your shoulders? Please, don't let the enemy come in and plant doubt, and steal your joy....Hang on to the knowledge you have with your life!!!! EEEEEHAAAA, Debbie go saddle up that horse for miss Lisa, she's got some spittin to Zillions of hugs are being sent to you, and now we can really start praying for your sweet hubby...happy dance, happy dance...okay now I'm pooped! Now don't you go sneaken away from these boards, cause we want to love on you a while! Love U Sis
  4. Takesha

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    Isn't this great??? If your excited can you imagnine what the angels are doing right now, and how Happy Daddy God Is??
    I no you just want to hug her to pieces! Can't blame you either.
  5. mamafrey

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    I can't imagine how happy you are right now, i am so full of joy and happiness for the both you! PRAISE THE LORD, and OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING IT WAS! I am so speechless right now, all i can say is Lisa will be going home with us on that beautiful day. PRAISE THE LORD! LOVE YOU GUYS, you will be in my thoughts today!

    Luv Ya Guys, mama
  6. Kim

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    Jesus has you in His hand!!! G L O R Y !!!!!!

  7. danny3861

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    Oh Lisa, praise the lord. Dear Lord thank you for lifting Lisa up and bringing closer to you. She feels such comfort and peace to be recieved by you. Please always walk by her side and hold her hand and guide her each and everyday. We are all blessings to each other at this message board. I know it has brought such peace and comfort that there are others praying for me. God bless you Lisa.

    Amem, Danny
  8. ValleyGirl89

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    Thank you for your reply... and most of all, thank you for praying for me and encouraging me. I was living with so many doubts and fears just a few short days ago, but all the kind words and prayers of so many kind and spirit filled people have helped me see that all I had to do was call out to Jesus for help and he was there to hear me and help me. I am so thankful to Him and all of you for setting me straight! Please continue to pray for me because already the enemy is rising up and trying to knock me down! During these times, I just continue to pray and ask the Lord to give me the strength to fight the enemy. I won't let that old devil rob me of my glory this time. I'm gonna stand up and fight back this time with all the strength and power that God gives me. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers also Mamafrey. Love to you in Jesus Name.
  9. ValleyGirl89

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    Hi! I am so sorry for not getting back to you and everyone else any sooner! Shew! It has really been hectic this week!I just wonder if maybe the devil heard me telling Debbie earlier this week how much I really love this board and how addicting it can be! So now maybe he is putting all these obstactles in my way so I won't be able to come to this board as much as I'd like to? Just a thought! I do feel so much lighter, like my heavy load that I have been carrying for so long now is gone. Like I was telling Debbie in an earlier post yesterday, I am sure to stumble and fall, I will never be perfect, but with God's love and guidance, I am sure to get back up and try again! Believe me Takesha, I have been doing alot of spitting, pounding and rebuking since Tuesday night, and alot more praying! While I hadn't forgotten how hard the battle was, I did forget how soon the battle would begin! I know that I have thanked you many times already, but thank you a million times over for praying for me, encouraging me and just being there for me! Please keep on praying for me, the easy part is done, but the battle has just begun! Will be thinking and praying for you. Love ya.
  10. ValleyGirl89

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    Thank you and how wonderful it is to be back in the palm of His hand! Yes, praise the Lord because He deserves all the praise and glory!
  11. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Thank you again! I am at peace knowing that I am back where I need to be, back into the Lord's loving embrace! You are so right about the people on this board being such a blessing to us all! A blessing from the Lord! The people on this board reach out and touch you thru their prayers and encouragement and the best part is, they express their love and caring without knowing you personally! I just know that our Lord is looking down on this board and smiling His approval because of all the people that are doing his will and praising His name! You are also a blessing to this board Danny! I have read your posts and they have been an encouragement to me. I know that everyone here appreciates your dedication to this board! I will be praying for you too Danny and I hope that you recieve a blessing upon your life today. Love to you in Jesus name.
  12. ValleyGirl89

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    I am so sorry that I posted yesterday and then ran! Sorry that I wasn't here when you called! Although I did talk to you later...seems like I just have been so busy I have to steal away a little time here and there to get on the board! Love ya sis!
  13. Shirl

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    Lisa, its just wonderful to know when prayer has been answered for someone we prayed for.

    God bless, and continue to keep you.................

    Shalom, Shirl
  14. RhainyC

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    Many times we lose site of the center of our souls, our spirituality, or relationship with God/dess and we also lose a part of ourselves in that loss.

    I have been there in that place myself, a few too many times in recent years, but thankfully now, have found my center again.

    Many Blessings to you...Walk In Peace and Light,