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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, May 28, 2009.

  1. Mikie

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    When I first saw the Work Comp doc about my hip, he gave me an Rx for a pain med and another for a muscle relaxant. I wasn't going to fill them be he insisted I should, especially since I wouldn't have to pay for them. Well, today I got them filled at Target and I had two coupons for $10 gift cards with any new Rx filled. Sooooo, I got the new "Green Day" CD with $4.00 left over. Not bad, drugs, a CD, and four bucks! It never hurts to have a stash in case of a bad relapse/flare.

    The doc released me as I had thought he would. No more tenderness or pain from the hip. I'm in the middle of redoing my guest bath so I'm glad the hip is healed. When I do work around here, I do it in small steps and rest in between. I think it took me a month to paint my bedroom but, eventually, it got done. There is no one but me to mind the mess and it doesn't bother me a bit.

    Not only did I find the CD at Target, but I also found an inexpensive shelf for the bath and Kleenex on closeout for packs of three cubes. It works out to less than $.70 a box. I go through them like crazy with my allergies. I bought all 27 boxes that were left. Paper products are soooo expensive that I buy in bulk when I get a good deal.

    All in all, it has been a good day but I am tired so will go veg out in front of the TV. Hope everyone is doing well. I do keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  2. jole

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    What a great day! I've always loved bargains! Actually my one daughter is the best bargain hunter in the family, and she's always calling me asking if I need such-and-such. I'm one of those people that can just walk right by one and not even notice unless it slaps me in the

    What is the "Green Day" CD? I haven't heard of it....

    Glad you're feeling better, and had a good day!***Jole***
  3. JimB51

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    27 boxes of Kleenex??? 27 BOXES ?? !!
    - Holy cow!!!
    - You Really have a problem! Whoo!

    - Why don't you just shove a catheder up your nose!!
    ... (LOL ... LOL ...).
    -(Sorry Mikie, I couldn't resist that one) LOL some more!

    - (That would earn me another "hangin" from Shirl for sure).

    - Jim : )
  4. Pippi1313

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    I hear ya!

    They know me in every thrift store in town! LOL! But, hey. I find some real cool junque in there!

    It drives me NUTS now, with all of the tv "news reports" about how peeps have "discovered" thrift stores. As if they were just now invented???

    Sorry about your need to load up on the tissues, tho. My mom has terrible allergies too, & she's getting slammed with them right now.

  5. gapsych

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    All this and you ended up with four dollars? Now don't go out on a shopping spree as four dollars can get you........ hmmmmm?

    A tank of gasoline.

    Half of a movie ticket.


    About seven McDonald ice cream cones depending what your tax rate is. They are fifty two cents.

    A box of Macaroni and cheese.

    But not a grande chocolate and mocha latte, at Starbucks.

    I could go on and on about the luxuries you can buy with that $4.00 but don't want it to go to your head and encourage your spendthrifty ways!!

    Hey, I made a funny without realizing it. Head as in Kleenex.

    Allergies in the midwest are horrific right now so know what you mean.

    Glad your hip is feeling better.

    Keep us updated on your spending sprees and any bargains you run across!!

    Is the actual CD green, from Ireland, or what?


    Heading for Target as I speak, even if they are closed. Just in case there is a long line in the morning for the Kleenexes. That is really a good deal.
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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks for the good thoughts.

    Jole, I have a daughter like that. I love to shop with both my girls and we all love bargains. Green Day is a punk rock band which appeals to old people like me who have been through the whole anti-war revolution thing and grew up on the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Green Day has a new CD and they have been on TV shows promoting it. They are cool guys. At least a couple of them have kids but look like kids themselves. Not all their music is about revolution. Their appeal for many is that they don't sound the same from one CD to the next. They have a good beat.

    Geez, Jim, that's a very visual response. Somehow, I don't think the store would appreciate a hose hanging out of my nose. Am I the only one who remembers the old insult, "Up your nose with a rubber hose?" Your message brought that to mind. Those 27 boxes of Kleenex will last me a looooong time. That is the idea of buying in bulk. The problem is storing them.

    Pippi, sorry you and your Mom are suffering from allergies too. We seem to be having an especially bad hear for them here in SW FL. Hope y'all are feeling better.

    Gap, I think I didn't write too clearly. I got the drugs free and, after buying the CD, I had four dollars. The four dollars went toward the other things I got. Still, it was a heck of a deal on those tissues and the shelf was only $9.99. I'm trying to save as much on the bath redo as I can and still have a beautiful updated bathroom when I am done. Finding the shelf as the finishing touch.

    Again, thank you all for responding. Take care of yourselves and happy shopping.

    Love, Mikie
  7. JimB51

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    Don't take me too seriously when I' m joking. (but that image DID cross my mind-lol!

    Seriously, it's very wise to get those unusual bargains while you can. --- Thinking in the "long run" will save you money and time. .. and every time you go to open a box of tissues you'll get a great feeling about making that smart choice way back when.
    -Thanks for not telling me "up your nose with a rubber hose"!
    I remember that saying from the 80's.
    - Altho .. in the long run it would be cheaper! LOL
    - Jim
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I wasn't taking your response seriously. In fact, the picture in my mind of a hose hanging out of my nose as I scan people's purchases brought a smile to me. The company, and managers, where I work are rather uptight about how we present ourselves. We wear uniforms and are expected to be clean and put together. That's fine, but a couple of pairs of my black work pants have faded just a bit. I think they are still fine but was told not to wear them again. We cannot have drinks at our checkstands even though we often stand there for hours. I finally had to resort to hiding a bottle of water under my checkstand because of my ongoing allergic cough. I was told my bottle was too big and to get a smaller one. Just a few examples of how anal they are. The nose hose would likely send them into immediate heart failure :)

    Love, Mikie
  9. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    a green day cd and 27 tissue boxes! you sound like my kinda lady!

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, when one has allergies like I have, one goes through a LOT of tissues. Might as well be rockin' to the blowin' :)

    Love, Mikie
  11. zenouchy

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    Hi Mikie,

    Glad your hip is healed! I always knew you were a hip lady. I hope you are feeling better. I can relate to your allergies. In Central Texas, we are the labeled the "Allergy Capital of the Country". However, I really think all warm/hot climates have bad allergies.

    The deal you got on those Kleenex boxes---wow, that just "blows" me away!!
    (I told you, bad joke theater) Thank you for tolerating me! ;-)

    What color did you paint your bedroom? I always have a hard time choosing colors because I get smitten with all of the different choices. Feel good my friend.

    Love, Erika
  12. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    i have had allergies and nose issues all my life. i might as well call my tissue box "mommy"- it has such an important role in my life! actually a med called singulair has helped immenseley!!!!! fyi

    take care
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, I do love a good pun. It may be the "lowest" form of humor but I have noticed that most who enjoy making and hearing them are highly intelligent. I think the pun has been unfairly maligned. But, I digress...

    I always try to find the Closeout stuff at Target and the grocery stores. I often get such good deals, I can hardly believe it.

    I painted my bedroom a slatey blue which is pretty dark. In the daytime or with the lights on, it doesn't look so dark but at night, it's nice and dark to sleep in. It's a very calming shade of blue. I used flat paint, as I do everywhere except in the kitchen, and it absorbs light and eliminates glare on the walls. The darker the paint, the more need to use flat. On HGTV, they often use semi-gloss on old walls and when they show it, you can see every little irregularity in the wall. I used a lighter shade of the same color in the master bath when I redid it. Some adherents to Feng Shui say blue should never be used in baths--too much water element--but new Feng Shui no longer adheres to that premise. Heck, I got a poll on one side of my bedroom and a pond on the other. My bedroom is a little island :) I live on the second floor and when I look out the windows, I see treetops. I call my condo my little tree house.

    I'm redoing the guest bathroom and am in the demo stage--what a mess! It will remain a linen beige but I'm replacing the vanity and sink with a granite black, brown, and white top. I'm painting the old white vanity black. I'm tearing out the old mirror and will replace it with a black-framed beveled mirror. The fixtures, including the light, will be brushed nickel. I'm also tearing out the old mildewed glass tub enclosure and putting up a chocolate brown shower curtain. This came right off of an HGTV program and it was stunning. All this started with my deciding to just replace the nasty old glass doors. When I learned how much new ones cost, I decided to spend the money to update the whole bathroom.

    Yeah, allergies are the pits. Seems like so many of us with these illnesses also have sinus and bronchial problems. Colorado is sooooo dry that between Jan. and Apr. about half the people there suffer from sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, and strep throat. My allergies were far worse in CO than they are here in SW FL, that is, until this year. It started with bronchitis, which was cleared up with three courses of ABX, but the cough lingers on. I think the cough is now allergy related. It is rampant here and we are selling all kinds of OTC stuff for it. My own doc can't get over his cough. Physician, heal thyself!

    I haven't tried the singulair; I just depend on my inhaler if I get to feeling a bit of asthma coming on. I've heard singulair is good but should not be used in children. My daughter's doc put my grandson on it when he was 3 and he developed acute depression, a common side effect for children on this med. I'm glad it works for you.

    Good talking with you both. Prayers that you are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  14. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    The bed and bath redos sound gorgeous! I'm very impressed that you are doing that yourself. I can do small home projects and then I need help. I can fix leaky faucets and small scale things of that nature. My window sill in my kitchen is painted white. Well, now after 15 years (we've lived here for almost 5 years), the paint is peeling off (which is NOT "appealing"). I've decided that it will be a lot easier and more attractive to put tile on it rather then to perfectly scrape off all of the paint and do the other detailed steps necessary to paint over it. A small-scale project though---I think I can do that.

    We painted two rooms when we first moved in five years ago, and very soon after I got much more sick and got the official fibro diagnosis. Maybe that's why I don't like painting! LOL I do love colors though. The slate blue sounds great for sleepy time. I have a midnight blue comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond that's over ten years old and still in great shape that I can't get rid of. I realize it's because of the color---it's so soothing to fall asleep with!

    Chocolate brown is a beautiful warm color. Combined with granite black and white, that's a really great color combo. Your bathroom will be so lovely when it's finished. Perfect for your condo tree house.

    I hope your allergies get better SOON. I know how frustrating it is when they linger on and on indefinitely. Hope your dear grandson gets better soon too (and doc). Thank you for your prayers, and I send mine back to you.

    Love, Erika

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Don't blame you for feeling that way about painting. Your window sill project sounds like a perfect solution and it will look so nice when you are done. Redoing anything in a house requires creative solutions. I turn to HGTV whenever there is nothing else good on. I've learned sooooo much watching. Perhaps I should be watching the Food Channel. Seems like nothing I cook tastes good to me anymore.

    Your blue comforter sounds lovely. Yes, I also love really comfy bedding. My sheets are blue but my duvet is white cotton with a very small pattern woven in. It's stitched several times around the edges. It's very crisp against the blue. I hardly ever put the down comforter inside it because it's so hot down here. Once in a while in the winter, the temps will drop. I love it when that happens and I can snuggle up under the comforter. That's one thing I do miss about CO. I used to snuggle up under my flannel sheets. Aaaaah!

    I think my allergies are getting better. The cough is so much better and the stuffy head and sneezing have all but stopped. It rained really hard last night and I think that's why. We are just entering our rainy season and I usually feel better then. Unfortunately, it's also our hurricane season. Every year when we don't get a direct hit, we breathe a sigh of relief.

    Andy does have allergies and just a touch of asthma. I think it's pretty much under control. He's been visiting CO with his other grandparents. From the pix, it looks as though he is having a good time.

    Thanks for your sweet prayers and good wishes. You are in mine as well.

    Love, Mikie
  16. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Thank you so much for your warm message.

    I'm so glad your allergies are getting better. Wish they were gone, but at least there's an improvement! Glad Andy's are better too. A little relief can go a long way in functioning. So glad he's having a great time in CO. I remember seeing a picture of him that you posted a few years ago. He's really adorable!

    It's funny, after I wrote to you about my blue comforter, I realized that I gave the impression that it's cooler here in Central TX than it really is, although I think you all have even longer periods of "mega heat" in FL. :) We have 6 months of what I call "Devil's Lair" hot----heat indexes of mid-90s plus. I'm guessing you all have even more months of that?

    Even though I have "black-out" curtains, it doesn't black out the light all of the way. I often bunch the comforter up on one side of the bed to help block the rest of the light out when I'm not using it as a real blanket. I love cool weather too. I think I sleep better when there's a nip in the air!

    You'll have to post a picture of your bathroom when you finish it. It really sounds gorgeous. I love creative projects---if I just had the energy to do more! My mom's an artist. We can go on and on with ideas until our heads start spinning with ideas; it gets hard to narrow them down. The tile project will be really fun and very doable. My big challenge is picking one thing I want to live with for a long time. I could change my mind every year or so (or sooner!). At least with artwork you can move paintings around. :)

    Keep feeling better and have fun with the remainder of your bathroom creation! Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you as always.

    Love, Erika
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I enjoy your posts. Feel like I'm there. Thanks for your sweet words about Andy. He has grown sooooo much. Last I tried, I couldn't get a pic into my profile. Even PH couldn't do it. I don't know whether they ever got the problem fixed or not.

    Actually our Mega Heat is about the same length of time ( I like that term to describe it). I always say we have two seasons here: Hot and Hotter! Sometime in Apr. or May, we start to warm up but it's usually not in the 90's until late June or July. Then, it's about 92 every day, with cloudbursts every afternoon or evening, and 74 at night. That doesn't sound warm at night but with our himidity, it's too uncomfortable for me to sleep with the windows open. Also, I don't want any moisture in here to give mold a chance to grow. After Halloween, it starts to cool down slowly. Even in the winter, it's usually in the 80's. About once a year, we will get a cold front when the Jet Stream dips down out of Canada and it turns into jacket weather. I've been in Houston in the winter and summer. I've heard it's beautiful in Central TX in the spring.

    This bath project is wearing me down. I truly think it will be my last sizeable project. I am taking it slowly but, at the same time, I'm anxious to get done. Today, I painted all around where the light fixture goes. When it dried, I installed the new one. It's nice to have light to work by besides the bare-bulb light fixture I've been using. The brushed nickel fixture, with milky off-white glass shades, looks nice against the linen beige wall.

    I patched the drywall holes where the old medicine cabinet, towel bar holders, and toilet paper dispenser used to be. They were ceramic, embedded into the walls. I had to cut them out. I did the same in the master bath and you can't tell where it was patched. I paid close attention when I was married to Mr. Home Improvement :) I'll let the mud dry on the tape a long time before giving them the first sanding.

    I'm off tomorrow and think I'll just take a day of rest. At the store, we have no business now that the snowbirds have gone home. I only have six hours work next week. That's OK. I need time to get this project done and clean my messy condo. With projects like this, nothing else gets done and there are tools and things all over the place. After that, I think I'll spend the summer getting reacquainted with the pool and beach. Right now, I'm so pale that the Hispanics laugh at me when I speak Spanish to them at the store. They never hear it coming out Gringas as white as I am. It shocks them.

    Good talking with you. Sounds as though you and your Mom are creative.

    BTW, I have one of those black silk eye masks for when I want to sleep and the room is too light. My daughter gave it to me and I love it.

    Love, Mikie
  18. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Thank you, I enjoy your posts too. Sounds like you are continuing to make excellent progress with your project. Seriously, I'm impressed. Not everyone can do what you are doing! Sounds like you got something positive out of your marriage. ;-) There's a high percentage of people (wish I could remember the exact number) that start out with the intent of doing a project themselves but end up calling a professional to finish the rest of the project because it's either too complex and/or because of time constraints.

    I can very much relate to the anxiousness of getting things done battling it out with having to pace. That's a big challenge for me sometimes. If I were a salsa, I would be the Pace brand. (I'm on a very high alert for bad joke/bad pun theater---don't ask me why.) There's so many more things I would like to be doing. After five years of with fibro, it's still hard for me to just accept I don't have the energy I would like.

    I tend to get excited about projects I'm doing and want to ignore my low energy levels because it just feels so great to be doing something. That happened on Friday when I went to run errands. Gee, it's just errands---something so basic for people, but for me some of them were fun because I don't get out enough. Saturday I was pooped. Anyway, I can completely relate to the tug between pacing and pushing! A tough balance.

    I think your weather IS warmer then ours during the winter. Our weather is all over the place in the winter. It's funny, Halloween is our big marker too for cooler weather. That's when we usually get our first big cold snap. We can be anywhere from the 50s and 60s for highs when we have a cold front or if there's not front, we'll be in the 70s and 80s. The lowest temp we'll get is in the upper 20s, but that's unusual. It's such a dramatic shift from our very hot (aka muy caliente) weather for 6 months.

    Tying in muy caliente because you said you speak Spanish? That's awesome! I have been trying to learn Spanish on and off for many years. It's tough to learn in a vacuum. As I started to get sick (pre-fibro) and wasn't able to work full time, I tutored students in an urban middle school and high school in a largely Spanish speaking part of Austin. I picked up some Spanish words and phrases. This was not my first time getting exposed to it either. It's really a use it or lose it thing, at least for me. Takes a lot of practice and repetition. The kids were trying to learn English from me, and I was trying to learn Spanish from them.

    Thanks for the tip on the eye mask. I've seen them before but not ones made of silk. That sounds nice.

    The pool and beach sound wonderful! Sounds like you have struck the right balance with resting and working on your bathroom project as much as you possibly can. Keep your eye on the prize, as they say. I know the end result will be fantastic. Keep me posted. Really great talking to you.

    Love, Erika

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I can really relate to the running errands thing. There is nothing I love more than just getting out and running some everyday errands. I think it's because it's so "normal." Our lives are no longer normal but when we have a day with a bit of energy and we can get out and do a few things, it makes us forget for a while that we can't do what we used to. Yes, learning to accept our limitations and pace ourselves is really hard. I've been sick a long time but it was in 2000 that I had to quit working full time and just go to bed. Ever since then, I've been trying to get back as close to normal as possible. I've accepted that I may never get there but as long as I continue to improve, I'm happy.

    I think I did overdo it with the bath project. I got very tired and had to just put it out of my mind for a couple of days. Yesterday, I didn't feel well at all. I had to work three hours at the store. They have cut down on help to the point that I was so busy for those three hours that I never had a chance to catch my breath. I felt as though I had worked a ten-hour day! They had deli Cuban sandwiches on sale and I brought one home for lunch. It was delicious but had a strange sauce on it. Within an hour, I had a horrible migraine and had to go to bed. I had a similar experience with BBQ sauce at one restaurant here. I have to work three hours this afternoon but it shouldn't be as busy. I woke early with just a hint of the headache lingering around.

    I speak only a bit of Spanish but enough to convey what I need to with customers most of the time. A few years ago, I started an evening class but got sick and had to quit. We have some Cubans who work at the store and they help those of us who want to learn. At my other store, we had a lot of French-speaking employees from Haiti. They speak it with a different patois but they could understand me. They would speak French to me without their usual accent and I could understand them. Learning other languages makes working more fun.

    Yes, I do believe our winters are warmer. The usual temps here in the winter are high 70's and low 80's, except for the occasional cold snap. It can get into the 40's, or even 30's, if we get that low dip in the Jet Stream. We are surrounded on three sides by water, so we get breezes from all over the place and that greatly affects our weather.

    Take care, my friend, and stay well.

    Love, Mikie
  20. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    Just a thought: do the Kleenex boxes match any walls in your room(s)? You could stack them up against it and have an instant mural!

    Loved reading this thread...what a riot you people are!

    hugs galore,