such a sad political manipulation

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    very sorry to see this!
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    Anything to save a buck, a euro, or make the patient look ridiculous. Just goes to show that the US is far from the only country with lousy politics.
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    ian this is the reason that we need the replication of the mitochondrial testing. Patients in the uk are denied testing that shows immune problems, there are no brain scans allowed, the list is endless of what we are denied.

    despite this article from the bbc in nov last year on the norway research there is still no joined up thinking by the uk press.

    glad to say that they released this and apart from the bbc on ly the med press covered this. the bad part is that with our nhs being liberated oops sorry privatised, treatments like the lightening process and cbt get are likely to be proposed as cost effective.

    there is already a study in progress on children using the lightening process by e crawley the next generation, version of our friend mr w.

    i have spoken to many people who have had experience of children being made to do lp. one really hurt me to hear, the child never spoke of his treatment or his m.e. after. so his poor mother could not ever find out what his symptoms were after that. Tymes Trust recently stated that they had had over 80 cases of children needing help to protect them from the threat of social services.

    anyone wanting to read of an adult who described it as brain washing see link below

    so please ian h if you do know any scientists capable of replicating the atp blood test, could you link them up with dr's myhill dr booth or john maclaren howard please.

    as for the p a c e trial described the stats are terrible patients were actually claiming slightly more benefits that at the start!

    lots of problems with who they were actually studying, i have two versions from peter white one which says they weren't studying and another that says they were studying pwme.

    bad science at its worst.

    the mrc has a fresh amount of money available for research any scientists you may know ian h please get them to apply.