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    Ok.on my second visit to Dr. Salvato, after many calls to Dr. Salvato a great Dr. with the lousieast staff (yes after I memorized whith the dr.Salvato in front front) I had to send the new nurse out with the spicific instrunctions from the Dr.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know I was paying attention to you guys.

    Dr. and I discussed medication since I am very resistant to meds. This is what whe ended up with.
    Paxil 30mg for depression. 1-a-day.
    Atarax 25mg & diazepam 10mg once every night.
    1 diazepam 10 mg twice a day, or as needed.
    15 mg morphine once a day.

    Well tuesday will be my 15th day and also the end of the pills. Maybe I am off my rocker but I will get up my nerve and tell her I would like Paxil 30 mg ok, Atararax & Diazepam increase to double dose on both. Is that too much?

    Do you think she will trhough me out the office?

    Is that two much for a person to take? They really didnt make that much of a change on my physical or mental .

    Any advice, ideas on how they work? I am just getting the beautiful the beautiful rainbow.

    Besides; I am getting so much worse with not spleeping at night and the excruciating pain I don't know how much more I can take.....

    Thanks for reading,
    love to all
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    HI Isabel,
    i think if you aproach her by saying the meds are making a difference, but maybe it would be even better if they were upped a little she will gladly do that for you,if she thinks it's appropriate. or maybe even change some of the meds. as we all know & she does too you have to play with dosing with most meds usually.i remember being put on BUspar years ago and not a big dose either, well it knocked me on my rear!! DR Salvato was surprised cause Buspar is an old med and well tolerated, but not by me at the time.
    she really does listen to what you say & tries like heck to at least get the pain & discomfort under control, gotta watch those nurses tho,lol. good luck on your next visit, i cant wait to se her this month, just being in her care makes me fell like theres a light at the end of the tunnel! {{Hugs}} Kat
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  3. 3gs

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    Don't know this doc but hopefully she understands benzo type drugs.

    You are already on a pretty good dose. Asking to double that is way to much.

    These drugs are drugs are sedating addicting and hard to wean off of. Have you thought about just increasing your pain meds. It

    sounds like thats where the problam is.

    Best of luck

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