Sudafed saves me!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by peachums, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. peachums

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    I noticed a post here from someone who said he/she felt better when they take antihistamines. I could not believe it when I saw it !

    I have posted here a few times about a condition I get sometimes where I feel like I have a bad cold, stuffed nose, sneezy and my stomach is upset plus I am VERY tired. A few people had ideas but nothing fixed the problem.

    Well- I tried taking sudafed along with my zyrtec and guess what? No more strange condition! I was telling a friend and she says she read an article about people who have too much histamines in thier body so the anti histimines keep them balanced.

    And then I read about it here!! Pretty interesting......
  2. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    The real sudafed, that helps. I also have had alot of help from benadryl over the years. Benadryl usually makes me feel alot better, although sleepy sometimes. A long forgotten treatment that my old retired doc used to give me was a combo of tylenol/benadryl/donnatal. The Donnatal has belladonna in it, atropine. It soothes the inflammed nerves that this disease causes. The more modern docs don't know it works on that.
  3. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    The real Sudafed that helped me was plain pseudophedrine, ephedra. Ephedra raises bloodpressure, so it stopped the NMH/POTS temporarily. It has a great effect on people who suffer with this. Of course, they have now taken it out of Sudafed, because it really worked.
  4. blueeyedgrl73

    blueeyedgrl73 New Member

    first off...I dont have fibro but I do have RA and with it can come some bad fatigue... I take meds for RA but also I take Grapeseed has green tea in it. It has really helped with my energy and also with weight loss. I have lost 7 pounds in a little over a week since starting it. I am already way overweight to begin with so that may be why I lost so much. It is really great so far...I know it has helped with my energy level
  5. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Just to clear up the confusion (& bc I was a bit confused myself), I went to Yahoo Answers, and according to the site, here are the various types of sudafed and their main ingredients (sorry if it's way more than anyone really wanted to know):

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
    Sudafed makes multiple types of cold medicine. The original Sudafed is the drug Pseudoephedrine, which is still avaliable without a prescription, but now you have to buy it from behind the pharmacy counter.

    The brand name sudafed is on many combinations of drugs. Here's the partial list we have in our pharmacy system at work:

    Sudafed 12 Hour U.S. brand name for pseudoephedrine
    Sudafed Children's Cold & Cough U.S. brand name for Pseudoephedrine and Dextromethorphan
    Sudafed® Maximum Strength Sinus Nighttime U.S. brand name for Triprolidine and Pseudoephedrine
    Sudafed® Multi-Symptom Sinus and Cold U.S. brand name for Acetaminophen and Pseudoephedrine
    Sudafed® Non-Drying Sinus U.S. brand name for Guaifenesin and Pseudoephedrine
    Sudafed PE™ U.S. brand name for Phenylephrine
    Sudafed® Sinus & Allergy U.S. brand name for Chlorpheniramine and Pseudoephedrine
    Sudafed® Cold & Cough Extra Strength Canadian brand name for Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, and Pseudoephedrine
    Sudafed Cold & Allergy U.S. brand name for Chlorpheniramine Maleate/Tannate, Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate
    Sudafed Non-Drying Sinus Liquid Caps U.S. brand name for Guaifenesin
    Sudafed Sinus & Headache Caplets U.S. brand name for Acetaminophen
    Sudafed Sinus Nighttime Plus Pain Relief Caplets U.S. brand name for Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride
  6. TeaBisqit

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    Ephedra works on blood circulation and for some reason this particular thing really helps POTS/NMH, it keeps the pressure up. The only times I've felt like I was having a good day were when I took this. And it took years for me to realize that's what it was. It has nothing to do with the stimulant. The stimulant just makes me nervous for alot of hours. However, I'm not lightheaded when I take it.

    Stimulants always make me incredibly sick. Caffeine makes me ill, none of them have ever helped me.
  7. peachums

    peachums Member

    It never ceases to amaze me what I learn at this site.
    thanks again
  8. my sister has taken sudafed everyday for yrs, she doesn't have fibro but it makes her hyper and she TALK ALOT! I told her since she has high blood pressure she shouldn't take it that much!
  9. ulala

    ulala New Member

    at Costco. I took ephedrine for years and was really disapointed when they discontnued it. At Costco I had to sign a paper and show I.D. You can buy two boxes a month, 96 tablets in each box. You can buy a box on one day and another the next day.

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