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    Did anyone else know that the active ingredient in Sudafed is now a completely different one? Evidently kids were using it, along with other chemicals to make a drug to make them high. I just happened to notice the change because
    when I was buying my Bendadryl I saw they added something like 'Sudafed PE' or something like that.
    I checked and every single box with psuedoephedirne was gone.
  2. libra55

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    In our area they still have the regular Sudafed but you have to go up to the pharmacy counter and get it there. The Sudafed PE is in the regular aisles.

    Kids use the ephedrine in it to make what's called "meth".

    Darn inconvenient; last week my kid has a cold and I went to get the Sudafed, all they had was the Sudafed PE there in the aisle. The little sign said see pharmacist for regular Sudafed. So off I shuffle to the pharmacy counter, wait in line 10 minutes, they tell me, oh it's up at the other counter where you check out. All the way up the other end of a very big super drug store. Mind you I am flaring. So I go up there and wait in line 20 minutes to get my kid's Sudafed.

    Thirty minutes to get a box of Sudafed. I was ripped..

    but guess they gotta do what they gotta do.


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