sudden extreme knee swelling and pain

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    a few months ago my right knee (dominant knee) began to hurt and swell with fluid, so much that it had to be tapped in the ER. (drained) they ran all tests including mri and xrays and all that showed is just mild arthritis. all blood tests for everything else were negative. My knee has never been the same since then. the swelling is down a bit but the achiness/stiffness remains. and now my knee begins to hurt alot when I drive and when sleeping. the ortho specialist I saw is concerned about rheumatoid , even though blood tests were negative. But does rheum usually just start in one joint? like a knee? I though it usually would affect both knees and usually start in the fingers? Should I be concerned? I am only almost 45. and this is really changing my life. thanks Karen
    any ideas on how to deal with the pain when driving in my knee? what supplements are good for arthritis pain?
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    I'm so sorry about your knee. It would help a lot if you could find out what is causing the pain and swelling. You might want to try posting this on the Fibromyalgia board because so many of us have RA and OA. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie