sudden hunger/weakness/shaky....hypoglycemic?

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  1. achy

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    I eat breakfast at 8:00 am with my meds....about 10:00/10:30 I get this sudden feeling of hunger, feel weak and shaky, like I haven't eaten. I'll eat a piece of fruit and drink water and feel better...untill about 12:00....same thing. Last night I ate dinner about 6:00. Just before going to bed it hit me again!! I didn't want to eat before bed (trying to loose those X-mas cookie that stuck to my hips). I kept waking up feeling weak and trembly!
    I am thinking hypoglycemia?? Had Dr appt yesterday and duh...foprgot to mention it.
    Anybody else? What works for you>
    Warm Fuzzies
  2. bre_ann

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    have just read about it. Try eating several small meals a day and if it doesn't stop, see your doctor. They can test you for it. I think the trick is to eat every couple of hours but I'm not sure if you will need to stay away from anything in particular. Maybe someone else will respond to this and help you more than I can.
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    hypoglycemia. You should talk to your doctor to be sure there is no diabetes involved. A diet for hypoglycemia usually consists of complex carbohydrates- whole grain products that have not been overly processed -and it should contain no food or products that have sugar. For example whole grain flour is better than overmilled bleached white flour which is mostly starch and readily changed to sugar in the body. It is the rapid rise in blood sugar levels and then the sudden drop shortly thereafter that causes the problem. It is also recommended to eat a number of small meals/snacks (no sugar/complex carbohydrates) at regular intervals throughout the day rather than a couple of large meals to keep the blood sugar level from fluctuating too much.
  4. Annette2

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    A lot of people with FMS have Reactive Hypoglycemia. It doesn't always show up on a test. What happens is our bodies overreact to carbohydrates. I was told that when that happens to eat PROTEIN - a bit of turkey, tuna, cheese. We have to eat small meals throughout the day and make sure you don't overdo the carbs. You can check the Archives and read what people have written. I went to a Diabetes Center for "diet education" to learn what and when to eat. I can always tell when I'm having symptoms - I get the shakes and feel like I'm having a huge anxiety attack. When you have "regular" hypoglycemia, they tell you to eat some sugar, but it doesn't work for reactive hypoglycemia. I hope this makes sense to you. Maybe someone else can explain it better.

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    to me, but I'm no doctor. I get the shakes and weakness along with dizziness and headaches, but no hunger. I wish I was hungry. I really have to force myself to eat. Here lately it is really a chore, except around the time of my period. I have been tested, but I'm going to ask again next week. I've already started my question list and this will make #7.

    Hugs, Lisa
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    You will experience these symptoms if you eat alot of sugar at your meal. Try cutting out the sugar and eat mostly protiens. If I get up in the morning and eat anything with sugar in it, my bp and heartrate goes way up and I feel crappy. Then in about 2-4 hours, I crash bigtime, just like you described. I don't do any of that if I eat protien and no sugar or processed foods.

    Marilyn :)
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    Hello Achy,

    I have the same symtoms... Each day, I suddenly get weak, shaky - feeling like I am going to pass out. I will eat some food and it passes. It use to only happen in the late morning, about 11 or 12, now it happens in the evening as well. I have been reluctant to see a doctor about it having little faith in their diagnostic abilities and fixes/cures. I would like to know what it is... I have been tested previously for diabtetes and passed fine. If you learn more about your health problem - PLEASE - let me know (By the way, I live in NW FL also (Cantonment - previously Niceville).... McKinney)
  8. Annette2

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    Welcome to another New Yorker! I'm from the Bronx! We're about the same age - my husband was also in that draft lottery - his number was 46 back in 1969. What a mess that was! As far as the shakiness and weakness, you should see a doctor. Mine referred me to a Diabetes Center and they taught me how to eat properly when you have Reactive Hypoglycemia. I wouldn't fool around with this. Do you ever miss New York? I certainly do - I loved growing up there!

  9. Spoonerpaws

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    I have reactive hypoglycemia and found that if I have a high carbo meal not balanced with a protein, I will get the shakes and start sweating and panic, and feel like I am going to pass out

    I feel better if I lower the carbos or eat carbos with a protein - Pasta REALLY sends me into a tizzy as does wine
  10. teach6

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    It does sound like hypoglycemia to me also. However, you cannot monitor that with an A1C monitor. It only gives you an average number and does not get specific enoughh to tell you what you need to know. A blood glucose monitor would do it, but in my opinion it's best used when you are trained by an experienced person, like a Diabetes Educator, or a nurse.