Sudden knee pain in both knees

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by jvd21, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I woke up and for unknown reasons had pain as I tried to walk in both of my knees. I am a 47 year old in good shape male with no history of any knee problems, My doctor sent me fo all blood tests that came back negative. I went to a several doctors had exrays and there was nothing found. I struggle to walk due to the knee pain, I can no longer exersize. I have pain when I am not standing or walking. Not sitting or sleeping. Please if anyone knows what may be causing this, Help me with some suggestions. Thank you John
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    I am so sorry and wish I had some answers for you. Many of us have a very difficult time getting our conditions diagnosed. All I can suggest is not to give up. Something is causing your pain. I'm sending up a prayer for you and wishing you good luck.

    BTW, we get more traffic over on our Fibromyalgia board and, even though you may not have FMS, there may be someone there who can help you. Go up to the left-hand top of the page to change boards.

    Love, Mikie
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    The only thing which comes to mind is muscle imbalances/complications due to old injuries or habitual poor posture in either case "if that's the problem" there is no acceptable/recognized method to fix/cure the problem. There is away to test to see if that is the problem, it's not fun or easy but it's free. You wake up in the morning and feel your knees...just lay there and feel. Google the "relaxation response" and start practicing it, it will make it easier to feel your knees and deal with the "pain" you will experience doing this. Pain is a complex signal generated by damaged/distressed tissue to inform your brain of exactly what the problem is. The ouch part is simply a attention getting device like the siren on a fire truck. The object of this test is to extract the rest of the information in the signal which will allow you to identify the factors causing the signal to be generated. If the problem is muscle imbalances/complications there is a method to fix's extremely tedious and time/effort dependent. a full description is posted here,

    It's also free.
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    i've had prolo in my right shoulder with a good amount of success and planning to do another session for lower back/left hip area.... because of a right hip replacement, I've been left with a lot of complications from surgery, nerve damage, tissue damage, you name it.....

    I probably will give it a go around for my right knee before end of year....

    Acupuncture could help too, depending...[This Message was Edited on 11/17/2012]
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    Have you tried omegas, turmeric, grape seed or glucosamine? All this can help with the inflammation, the first taken daily help me a lot with my knee pain. Also, have you considered trying a chiropractor? Check around and see if you can get a recommendation. Like everything else there are good ones and better ones.