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    So I went to the pool today and had a few comments about how skinny I looked. The woman who had been my physical therapist said she noticed significant weight loss and was very concerned.

    I called my doc. and he didn't seem too concerned about it, he thinks it's probably a combination of my medication making me less hungry and the fact I had a virus a few weeks ago which reduced my appetite. He wants to see me tomorrow to discuss it further.

    Problem is, I don't think I've decreased my eating habits that much... and I certainly made up for the days I was ill by snacking on high fat foods when I got well again (chips have become my new best friend).

    I had lost about 10 pounds over a few months when I first got sick... I've dropped another 10 pounds in the last two weeks.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    The doc thinks that switching my medications around (to one that has weight gain as a side effect) may resolve the issue. It just doesn't make sense to me though... I've been on my meds for a while, why would they suddenly cause me to drop nearly 10% of my body weight now?

    Suggestions, thoughts?
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    When I first got sick, undx at the time with FMS, I lost over 90lbs in a short time.
    Everyone said it must be Cancer.

    I went through a ton of test's, only to be told, they couldn't find anything new.
    I already had IBS, MVP, and was going through recovery from 3 surgerys in 18 months.

    I thought I would gain some weight back, and I did, got back to 133lbs for awhile.

    Now I am again losing weight, I am down to 113lb's, and still dropping. It's not the Meds. because I lost the 90 before I was able to get Pain Meds.

    I have no interest in eating, period. I tried Anti-depressants, and they didn't help either. In fact they made me worse.

    I found out by reading Devin Starlanyl's book, that there is a subset of us, with FMS, that lose the weight.
    I hope this is the cause, and not something worse.

    I know the test's are lousy, but I had to do them, to rule out other cause's.
    I get a lot of flack about the weight loss, but I havn't found anthing that really works.
    Including, smoking pot before a meal, in the 70's it gave me the munchies, now that I am older, I use it, but it dosen't encourage eating, like it use to.

    It does help me to fall asleep at bedtime tho, nothing else works these day's.

    I am so sorry your having this problem too.
    check out Dr. Devin Starlanyl's website, and also her books, they answered a lot of my Weird Symptoms.

    Good luck, I hope you find an answer, and a treatment that will help you.

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    Hi Justlikemom,

    Great name!

    I have gained weight rapidly for no good reason with fm. It's bad both ways. And scary.

    The thought I had was that you might have your CRP (C-reactive protein) level in your blood checked. It's a test that reveals inflammation in arterial walls.

    The reason it came to mind is that a few years ago, my father suddenly lost 25 pounds in a month. Doctors couldn't figure it out for awhile and it was touch and go for him. Finally, one of the docs checked his CRP. It was determined he had inflammation in his heart. They put him on Endocin(sp?) an anti-inflammatory med and he started getting well right away.

    These days, even at 81, he is back to wearing his regular clothing sizes. Some of them even have the word Portly associated with them.

    It does seem odd that with no changes to your meds, your weight would drop so rapidly. I hate it when the doctor isn't concerned about something you know is wrong. Go with your instincts on this and press him/her to figure it out.

    Take care!

  4. justlikemom

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    I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    I feel almost silly suggesting this, but has your doctor done a test for diabetes? I was also losing weight and in my case, proud of it! But I had not really noticed that I was drinking more water, going to the bathroom more and my vision had changed. All my symptoms were chalked up to fibromyalgia, as far as I was concerned.

    I went to the doctor for my yearly exam and cholesterol check and he noticed how high my triglycerides were. He then did one more test, an HBA1C and found some really high numbers. I had to follow that up with the fasting glucose test, and surely enough, I was found to have diabetes.

    I hope this is not the case for you, I truly do. But if it is, you really need to know. I feel so much better since being diagnosed and learning how to eat properly. There are some really great sugar free foods out there, so it is not nearly as bad as it use to be anymore. My best to you.
  6. justlikemom

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    I don't have any other symptoms of diabetes, so I doubt it's that.

    Thanks for the input though!
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    the things you learn reading this board! Remember last year when I lost about 15 lbs? It's back now. Start eating more nuts, etc. and it may come back. Which doc wants to switch meds? Did you actually go see Dr. C?