Suddenly Weak, shaky, hot feeling, feels better after eating?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowchowchow, May 25, 2004.

  1. meowchowchow

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    I was wondering if anyone else had this sometimes. Sometimes i'll get it a couple times a week, sometimes not for weeks at a time. It comes on really suddenly and I feel weak, shaky, like I have hotflashes and eating seems to help. If I eat something, in a few minutes it will subside. I'm not diabetic and I've been tested for hypoglycemia and it's not that either. Just wondering if this is anothe part of CFS?
  2. 1HurtinPup

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    (Love your screen name, by the way!)

    I have the same symptoms as you. I also do not have diabetes but have never been tested for hypoglycemia so I don't know about that one.

    And I never thought to link it to FMS or CFS.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I'd love to hear it.

  3. Megster

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    Mild hypoglycimia doesn't always show up in blood tests. Best way to find out is eliminate ALL unrefind carbs, including fruit and fruit juices, ALL "white and fluffies" like white flour, potatoes, sugar, ect, for at least two weeks. Basically, go on some form of low carb diet.

    I used to get very similar feelings, and still do if I don't stay away from unrefined carbs. I can eat fruits and low carb or whole grain breads, as long as they don't contain any form of sugar (corn syrup, honey, ect.), and I eat lots of veggies. Now I can go hours past the usual time for me to eat without ill effects, where as before, I couldn't go more than 20 minutes!

    Certainly, ask your doc about it, as it could be something else, but just thought I'd let you know my experiance.

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  4. donna275

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    your blood sugar dropped. That is the feeling you get. People can have a drop in blood sugar who do not have hypoglycemia. Do you remember what you ate before the "spell". I am hypoglycemic and before I knew what it was, I called those feelings my spell.

    Take care,
  5. meowchowchow

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    This morning I ate a pancake and a piece of sausage. I can't really tell if what I eat plays a part in it being better or worse. As far as staying away from carbs, argh! I think I would die if I couldn't eat potatoes. I tried the Atlkins Diet one time and after a few days I felt like I was going to hurt someone if I couldn't eat some potatoes or bread or something.
  6. nana-donna

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    I get the same way. Not sure what it is.

  7. 1HurtinPup

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    Are you sure you don't mean REFINED carbs, not UNREFINED? Staying away from refined carbs is avoiding things like white sugar/flour, etc.

  8. gelicab

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    I was tested years ago and found that I wasnt. Then about a year ago I kept getting these wierd dizzy spells I went to one doctor who said I had high blood sugar (diabetes) but when I say the Endocronologist she said no, I had hypoglaucemia but that many hypo patients end up being diabetics type II patients. So be real careful with your diet.

    I agree on the potato thing. I cant stay away from potatoes, breads, yellow corn etc. I try to eat in moderation of these things as I hear thats my bad part.. but I just take it as it comes and drink a hot soda (coke) and I feel better. Did you know thats a quicker way than orange juice to raise your sugar? Yep, my partner is diabetic she has been to several classes on Type II Diabetes.

    Good Luck & keep us posted

  9. stagename

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    that it really sounds like low blood sugar. lots of people with FM have it. i had been tested several times, and each time my doctor said i was normal. now that i have a copy of my file to read myself, i see that i tested on the low side of normal EVERY TIME. she never mentioned that. she never explained the numbers to me. But if the normal range for that blood test was 3.4-6.8, i was a 3.4.

    don't skip meals! i keep an apple and a granola bar in my bag all the time. they don't go bad, and then i don't have to remember to grab something everytime i leave the house.
  10. rdthewave

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    blood sugar problems to me.............despite what the test results showed. CHROMIUM PICOLONATE! Worked wonders for me with these kind of regulates blood sugar levels. If you feel better after you eat..........this is the biggest clue that it probably has something to do with your sugar levels. The doctor should have picked up on that one.

    My Chromium levels were very low. My Doctor had it checked when I told him the symptoms that you are describing.............most invarably......I felt better after eating.

    I took 200-400mcg a day.

  11. rickoshea

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    I used to get this often - what felt like a catastrophic drop in blood sugar but I have a blood sugar monitor in my surgery and when I tested myself all was ok . It is indeed part of CFS - I have read about it being a symptom . Lots of small meals rather than 3 large ones can help balance things .

  12. Alyssa-Admin

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    Ditto what everyone else has said in regards to low blood sugar - these are classic signs. When you said that you went on Atkins and after a few days you were ready to murder someone? That my friend is called 'withdrawal'...which to me says that these foods high in sugar and carbs (baked potatoes are like soooo bad because they release more sugar cooking!). What you really need to look into is a balanced diet where protein is at the top of the pyramid, good fats in the middle (these two things alone keep you feeling well as keeping your blood sugar in balance. Good carbs (ie vegetables that are low in sugar) make up the rest.

    Getting on track so that your blood sugar has evened out is so important! Do you find that after you have had refined carbs that you are also ravenous a little while later - like going through the fridge and cupboard looking for anything 'good' to get your hands on? Because this - this is addiction to sugar.

    I have been doing my own version I guess you could call it, of Atkins....on top of weight loss - I literally have to remind myself to eat, because the protein and fat are keeping me going and full.

    Meanwhile, if I have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast - within 2 hours I am absolutely starving. (So much for it sticking to your ribs! More to my waist, butt, thighs...).

    If you like nuts, they are a good source of protein (although a bit higher in carbs - peanuts are lower...and nice macadamia nuts are very low carb as well. Protein and fat are for endurance over the day, whilst carbs will give you that quick boost followed by a crash.

  13. happycfs

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    PLEASE READ!!!! REACTIVE HYPOGLYCEMIA: Extremely common with ME/CFS! The easiest way to remember what to eat and how to eat, is to follow a DIABETIC DIET.

    I was having fainting spells, jittery fingers and even seizures like nothing else! I was tested and tested, and doctors said I did not have hypoglycemia. Then I did a timed glucose monitoring test (MUCH more complex than a regular basic blood test) and after not eating anything, then drinking a large amount of sugar water (like the amount in a soda or a tall orange juice etc.,) they found that I had very low blood sugar then it spiked very high after the sugar water, then after the spike, it plummeted dangerously low. Hence "Reactive Hypoglycemia."

    It causes major major problems in the body and brain, even days after, when you feel like "normal" again. It causes neuropathy for days, and headaches, emotional upsets and extra fatigue. It changed my life, I am not kidding here, to just eat a strict Diabetic diet. Low carb is best, but DON'T EAT TOO LOW of carbs. The body needs some for sure, glucose is fuel for the brain. About 25 carbs per meal tends to be pretty good, especially if they are "complex" carbs, eaten with high protein and fiber. Anything you can do to slow the digestion process of teh carbs. Even eat a little fat with your meals. It helps a lot. Stay away from liquids with sugar too, as the liquid goes rapidly into the blood. It all sounds like a lot, but you will get it all down pretty quickly if you commit to it. You will likely feel MUCH BETTER too!! Please please please give it a shot. I have never said this in this forum ever, saying pleeeease like this. But I promise you, longterm diabetic diets for people like us is extremely helpful. I PROMISE YOU. You will get a lot of misinformed advice (no offense to anyone, truly!!!!) but I promise you, this will help you with hypoglycemia issues. A healthy Diabetic diet! Pleeeease consider it!!