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    Sue I am so confused these days I forgot to read your message in the message room until now..Thursday at 2:34pm. Sue it is a beautiful story and I thank you for taking the time to write it for us. As I am so very grateful for the kind and Spiritual words from the people who shared about my son. To the ladies who said to keep crying..I am because I have no control over it and I do not want control. James was and is a Beautiful Son he deserves all the tears that can pour from me. I miss him so much every second of the day, but I listen to all of you telling me that is normal. It just does not seem normal for him to be gone.

    GOD Bless All Of You
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    Crying is normal right now.....but no it is not "normal" to have him gone. It feels terrible.

    I know also that yours has to be wrose than mine. I had a really bad time with it. But, my little angel girl died as baby. I did not have her for years. I did not have as many memories. What I do have I cherish with much love.

    I already had two sons and later had another son. None can replace a lost one, but I would never trade any of them. But being a only girl I had,,,,,,,well that was tough also.

    I wish you much peace and blessings......time will help, but I am sure that feels not true right now.

    Love and gentle hugs..........Susan

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