sues1,,how are you?

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    Hi Sue
    Just thinking about you and wondering how the recouperation is going. What do you have to do next? Do you still have your wonderful family helping you. I am still praying for you and s-elaine. We three stooges have to get through this mess and have a party when its over. Yell if you need us. We are all looking around for you.

    Healing Hugs...
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    My cancer Dr. wanted a couple of more tests. One for my heart. She was speaking of Chemo and radiogoly. One chemo she said the one drug...that she called T is hard on the heart. We talked about all.

    Then I asked her about CFIDS/FIBRO. I told her I was concerned because I already am weak, tired, hurt all the time and would I have anough energy to go through it? I explained that I had many issues with these two things already. IBS and all.

    She turned off at the words of CFIDS/FIBRO and I could recall that she did that previously, but it did not fully register with me then.

    She then said, "We could just stop it all". She was then silent and stared at me as she was looking at a weakling. I said, "That is not an option". She shrugged and gave no further info on treatments. I was so angry and stunned that I did not say things that I should of.

    MY DH was with me. We already had talked of second opinons. We then, or more DH made many calls and was onthe computer searching. I have a relative that had been on ahospitl oard in the town I was born in. So DH called her. She made many calls and called us back. 90 some percent recommended seeing the folks at "The James" and she told of so many that has been helped. They are part of OSU and is the James Cancer and Research Ctr. Located just outside of Cols., Ohio in Dublin. I go there the 10th.

    I had read on Cancer Ctrs. of America and they seemed to fit me like a glove. But in checking they were all to far away. I travel poorly. The James will be a real challenge for me, to go to.

    DH called the Cancer Society of America. He asked if Ohio had any hospital similar to CC of Amer. They said that they would recommend the two top places in Ohio, the Ireland in Cleveland the James in Cols. After this my aunt also kept coming up with many that had dealt with The James.

    I have heard of ones that went to Cancer Clinics but got treatments that was recommended where they lived, Ctr. would work with another local Dr. I will find out.

    A gal I used to see in a support group also went through breast cancer. I contacted her. She said she got really sick, but the fibro did not flare then! She is doing well, with the cancer not being their right now. We are all different but I am still concerned. I also know that some Cancer Drs. gives pills to replace some treatments. Also with the pills not as many lose their hair and do not all get sick at their stomach. So pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If I could cuss on this board, I would use every curse word for that doctor who treated you that way! After all you have and continue to endure, she was so insensitive. EVEN if she did not know or believe in CF and FM,...she should have handled it better than that. I am glad your DH was with you.

    OK, now my blood pressure is going back down from my outrage...I am so glad that you are looking into the options of other treatments and talked to other people that went through this too.

    I am also happy to hear all your bandages and drains are being removed. I can only imagine how much it hurt to pull them off and out! You are such an inspiration to us all.

    Keep us posted on what you decide to do and how it is going. Tell your dh that I think he is a very special guy too.

    Gentle Healing Hugs,

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    Dr. did not say WE could just stop the treatment.....but
    YOU could just stop.........angry like.
    that is when I said that it was not an option.....but she glared at me, like I was disgusting.

    I said something about taking something to build me up some and I do not recall exactly what I said. Anyhow she just continued her stanz on all.

    The tubes coming out were more painful than I expected. I whimpered some and yelled. I sure tried not to..LOL. My husband cried! Poor guy. But I know I could go through it again if ever needed. I am sore now and have pains. Dr. says the shooting electrical ones are from nerves that was cut healing. Made me think of CFIDS/FIBRO shooting pains and electrical ones. Mmmmmm??? But I also feel as if I'd been kicked by a horse or such.
    But I have been told that it is normal.

    My DH bought both of us a pink bracelet,,,,,,,says .
    Hope... Faith... Love on it. He does not take it off and he is a owner operator of a semi, so is a trucker! He says that he has been asked about it and he says it is because my wife HAD breast cancer, he also believes in being positive.

    ==========to add something different:
    Someone I know from family research sent me flowers. She and I have compared illnesses because she is distantly related for one thing. We have spoke of my allergies various times. One is FLOWERS. Door bell rang and when I got to the door a UPS tk. was going down the street. I saw flowers printed on the box so left them on the porch. Later I got enough nerve to check as she knew I was allergic, maybe they were silk ones or such. I opened the box on the porch and gasped for air and my face started itching. I slammed the lid back and came into the house. My lady that helps me a couple of hrs. a week, for last two yrs. came and I gave them to her.

    She is so good to me that I thought that she deserved these. What I saw they were beautiful. I emailed the sender and said that I appreciated her thoughtfulness at this time, and explained what happened as nice as I could.

    She wrote back angry saying that I should of gave them back to UPS man and sent them back to the company and she would of gotten credit. That she did not buy them for my cleaning lady. She then would of sent me something else.

    I wrote.......send back a perishable??? They surely would not accept that. She said that they would do that for her as she is a regular customer. I wrote back,,,Not fair to the company in business.

    So anyhow she is angry. I am not worried about it. We have never even met! Just hard to believe in my book. Plus if they were mine, I should be able to gift someone else with the flowers! Right? Right!

    She sure knows how to cheer someone up.......LOL.

    Blessings to all== Susan
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    Your hubby sounds so mine. I am glad all that stuff is off and out of you! I know you MUST be sore after that. Did you have a nice long shower yet? I know how much you were looking forward to it.

    I also want to tell you that you absolutely did the right thing by giving the flowers to your cleaning lady. I am sure you made her day and she deserves them. How rude of your relative to get upset with what you did with the flowers and want money back from the florist. Some people are so wierd about things like that. Thank goodness she is not too close to you so you will not have that kind of negativity around all the time.

    My inlaws are very much like have to send them birthday cards...if they send our daughter money on her birthday, we have to send thier kids the same amaount or more or they bad mouth us. I got caught up with it when we were first married, but now I tell them ...take me or leave me but this is what and who I am. I am broke and forgetful. Some stuck around and some disappeared. Oh well...

    I hope you have a good week coming up. I am on the beginning of my SSDI pursuit. Wish me luck. I am waiting for my cape from Elaine! She is so funny. I am so glad we have each other and every other angel on this board.

    Talk to you later,
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    sorry about the allergic attack....i would've understood that you could not have them in your home. plus right now your immune system is down even more.

    i agree you did the right thing for could've just lied to her...but you chose the truth. if you are up to sending out thank you notes for any reason...just put fyi: i am allergic to flowers and please put your money toward a donation, let's say breast cancer...or fibro...and that w/tickle you to death to have supportive friends and family helping out w/a cure. and they could always send you a nice home made meal....