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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by doxygirl, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Hi Girls!

    Just wanted to make a special little post here to let you all know Iam thinking about all of you!

    I wiah all of you speedy "get wells" and want to also say thank you so much for keeping us posted on your recoveries....even though you are all in discomfort you still make the effort to let us know your ok!

    I for one .....really appreciate that!

    Hugs and lots of happy thoughts

    Love ya
  2. jmq

    jmq New Member

    You are so sweet Doxy...I look forward to getting on my laptop every evening and checking in.

    Love to all,
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    sounds like you are all strong individuals. take care of yourselves and follow dr.'s orders.

    e-laine...sorry about the break thru bleeding i am 42 years old. my breast are killing me, i have cystic breast. still awaiting for the menstrual...the last two month my period has been a little weird. start then stop then start like a week later...

    now i am sort of what they say is late..but not too much...i have had tubal ligation...and had surgery about 4 years ago i think it was. to get polyps scraped and lasered out of the uterus..the said no way i could get pregnant...noting for an egg to attach to...maybe i am going thru perimenopause...

    well gonna hope i get my period soon..or i w/be making the dr appt to get check out again for polyps or baby i am would be a mircle it i was pregnant.

    well wishing you all well

  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    S-elaine how are you doing today? I was concerned for you this past week end s-elaine. I did read where you saw your Dr. earlier. My prayers are with you. are you today? Keep me posted on everything. My prayers are with you also.

    Doxygirl and 68mach1.....
    THANKS for your postings to us. Made me feel good to read them. You both are in my prayers also.

    I found out today that the cancer tumor in the removed breast was as large as a small orange. At first nothing was showing up in mammograms and I kept saying something is wrong, lets go further, My breast tissue is very dense and by this tumor getting so big, I think it was a case of "Not seeing the forest because of the trees"

    So I will be going through chemo and radiology. They ran a couple more tests to check for the final evaluation.

    Thanks for the love, blessings and prayers from everyone..

    Same to you........Susan
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    wow that was a large tumor...just keep looking forward to the day you are done w/the major dr. appt.s!!!

    i know you w/be getting more frequent mri's so that will help ease your mind...

    they have a big banner in our little city in marin county...want women to undergo mamogram study...we have the largest percentage of women w/breast cancer per capita. they are trying to figure out why.

    lots of good thoughts and prayers to all of you...

  6. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I hope you saw my good news post! I sent a thank you to everyone on the board but I wanted to send you an extra special thank you for this particular post. I really believe in the power of prayer and love.

    You gathered all the angels on the board for Susan, Elaine and I. I seemed to have been spared from cancer and hope the experience has made me stronger and able to help all the others who are not as lucky. God Bless you

    Love ya,

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