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    I read in you bio that you have been ill for 17 years. I have been ill with CFS for 22 years. I have gotten progressively worse over the years. I have let it be known that if I die I want my body to be studied to find the cause of this disease. I was just 19 when I became sick. How has your disease progressed? Are you taking anything for it? How did yours begin? If you don't care would you please answer these questions for me?

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    Never recovered from the aches of it, and the pain would jump around to a new place all the time, etc. Finally was told it was Fibro.

    Few months later the flu that I never got rid of. Was told CFIDS.

    Meanwhile went to many many doctors and specialists. Had many tests ran. Even went to a psychiatrist (on my own, not sent by a Dr.) and said, "Here I am, lets cure me"...
    She never found a cause or such, said I was well balanced and so forth. Even tried many meds.

    I got to the point that I could not work at all and had to stop.

    I had many adverse reactions to meds.I went to support group meetings and they would ask me just how I was surviving without meds. I said that I had no choice.

    New Rheumy in past yr. gives me trigger point injections that helps. He put me on 60 mg. Cymbalta, that helps. For sleep I take now Doxepin HCL small doesage but can take up to 100 mg. a night. I regulate that. I think it is not helping enough. Does not make me go to sleep but I do sleep better with it and that helps.

    Just started on Fibro Complete Multi with Malic acid and magnesium...only for three days now, but I think it is going to make a difference, I feel a tad better already, but too soon to tell.

    I have bought books, tke vit. and it.
    Nothing is enough. I am worn down so much more. I am worse.
    Was doing water excersies but went through a really bad flare and could nt of even walked from locker room to pool. Hope to get back soon.

    I am able to do less all the time. I try to be normal. But I am so tired and so sick and hurt so much..........

    I am still striving on learning and trying new things though. Blessings........Susan
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    I am 67 yoa now....

    I had asked my DH about contributing my body to science. That was a few yrs. ago. He said he had to think about it and never has said more.

    I know it is my choice, but unless DH and my children were okay with it I would not. Because it might bother them too much. I am going to be creamated. I have always been down to be a body part donor. But that is almost out of question with my illness and age.

    Someone said they still go for skin, for skin grafts, regardless of ag. I do not know.