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  1. jenn5

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    Sugar addiction: anybody have stories about how to beat this monster? I've been trying to stop for forever, it isn't going well. My cravings have increased.

    I don't need much encouragement, mainly stories and things that have helped you.

  2. Jordane

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    Hi Jenn,
    I cannot help you with the getting off it but I sure do understand the problem.

    I have Hypoglycemia and am not supposed to eat ANY!! But boy it is hard!!

    The darn stuff makes me tired and sick.As if I need that with this DD.But no brains huh!!

    Hope there is someone out there to help you!! Perhaps even me.:>)

    Take Care!!
  3. G.I.Jane

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    Hi Jenn! I have the same problem. I read about trying the Zone Diet for that problem in Starlanyl's 'The Fibromyalgia Advocate'. It worked. It's not "dieting" so much as a healthy way to eat. It takes commitment - but for me that's not nearly as bad as how the sugar addiction was making me feel:{ It killed my cravings. If I ever go off it I go right back on again because my cravings return and things start to head back to sugar craziness. It's proved it for me - I stick with it. Plus eating such a balanced healthy diet makes my body feel better, too, and anything that does that is a major plus! The 1st two books are 'Enter the Zone' and 'Master the Zone' by Barry Sears. Good luck - if you have trouble getting through the initial sugar withdrawal symptoms just remember you'll end up back where you are otherwise - you can do it :))

    Take care! Jane
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    From one addict to another, I have been so bad at times that I would eat pure sugar because I wouldn't buy junk food to keep in the house. Living alone and not having to have those foods in the house for anyone else does help.

    Recently, I had to stop my sugar, I tried a diet lemonade from Walmart. It is in indivdual servings that you pour in a bottle of water. It's so good. I add a teaspoon of Splenda in it. I no longer buy real sugar, the urge is uncontrolable sometimes.

    Once you finally get off of it for a week or so, the cravings decrease. It is the first week that is the hardest. Whenever the cravings start, I drink, ususally suck down, a bottle of the lemonade. They make other flavors too, if you are not a lemonade person.

    I can't remember who posted the yeast issue, could you please explain it a little further. I had never heard that.

    Sometimes, I take a walk with my dogs or go online to distract myself and chew sugar free gum. I keep snack crackers and eat those when I really want to just east.

    Good luck, let us know how it is going, Carla
  5. sascha

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    i esp. have a chocolate 'thing.' when i have time to devote to myself and can keep myself on my own hard-won regimen, i do ok, since eating well on my plan keeps cravings at bay (coc.oil, supplements, cod-live oil, juicing vegs, really good meats and organic fruits and vegs, no to v.low carbs). BUT my aunt (again) has been very ill and in the hospital and so my life gets turned over to helping her and all taking care of myself goes out the window and i scarf down the chocolate again. i'm feeling ill now- i did discover dark toblerone! it's so good. i just get so anxious and stressed and have no time to even think about what i need to do for myself let alone doing those things, that i become an absolute mess and lose all gains i have made against my CFIDS. it's ridiculous but i don't see my way past it until my aunt's daughter comes in a few days and can take over. so- chocolate and sugar is my soul food at the moment. i hope to get back on track soon. i feel pretty good much of the time when i am careful about my regimen. but when my time isn't my own, it all goes out the window. i hope i won't lose too much ground. sascha
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    One big problem is that if I 'quit' it, and do well without it for awhile, if I have one bite of it again, I'm back where I started!

    It usually happens when I am more tired- so I don't have energy to cook for myself; and all the processed foods have it in them...

    Is it possible that once you're off to decrease sensitivity to sugar and therefore, make it less addictive in the future? Can nutrition alone conquer this(if you stay off sugar in the meantime)? I just don't want it to be a constant battle my whole life.

  7. AnneTheresa

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    What I've learned about this particular addiction (related to my own self) is that if I can stay off the stuff for a week or so, the cravings subside a bit. By the same token, if I eat it three days in a row, I'm hooked.

    I have a terrible sweet tooth. Most recently, I've been able to limit my high-sugar snacks to the weekend. It takes a bit of will-power but through the week when the craving for sugar arisises, I convince myself to hold out for the weekend. This keeps me sugar-free the majority of the time.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  8. jenn5

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  9. Cromwell

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    well the more you use the more you use.... BUT research does show that sugar actually helps relieve pain.

    So maybe you just need to take a half teaspoon of sugar or stevia or something instead of indulging in a sugary sweet. This often will curb cravings and has far less calories.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  10. CockatooMom

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    Hi Jenn and everyone! My name is CockatooMom, and I too am an addict....ICE CREAM is my drug of choice.

    I've tried every kind/brand of ice cream out there.

    When it comes down to it, the sugar free's and carb whatever's are worse for you than the real deal! (In my opinion) Too many chemicals, poly this and phosphate that.

    I desperately WANT to break this addiction, but I feel I can't. And if I feel I can't then we all know..I won't.

    Several people have talked to me about a no white sugar, white flour, yeast eating plan. I just told them I could never do it.

    I love my ice cream more than anything I guess. No matter what it does to my body.

    There is no ice cream in the house tonight....

    I can substitute another snack in place of the ice cream (though it won't be the same).

    I actually feel panic just thinking about it.

    I will be praying for help tonight!

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  11. FMsolider

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    Sugar Addiction is something I am currently battling also. Each day it is easier.I found the book, The Great American Detox Diet," a very insightful book.
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    I've got off sugar before by avoiding it completely and not use any sugar subsitutes. Only eating fruit for something sweet. It only took me about 4 days to lose the cravings. Don't know if this will work for you, but I was a terrible sugar addict.
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