Sugar and carb cravings?

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  1. Does anyone else have that problem and what the heck causes it? And how do you get rid of it!
  2. YIKES! I bet it is yeast. So having a yeast problem causes this! I bet my dr. would shake her head no. Darn and I just had a series of bloodwork and she surprised me and asked anything else I wanted checked out. And I couldn't think.
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    the best thing is to go on a very restricted diet - no yeasts, molds, any refined food products (white flour) or any type of sugar, and even restrict fruit for a while.

    I had to do this, it completely controlled my endometriosis symptoms interestingly... many with endometriosis have found this btw. So, as an example - you never know what it can impact.

    It definitely can help muscle aches and fatigue for 2 things, tho!

    Taking Nystatin powder orally (or using Diflucan) along with diet, or using supplements like grapefruit seed extract (antifungal) was also extremely helpful to me and many others.

    Look up Donna Gates' 'Body Ecology Diet', also Dr. Wm. Crooks' books......... there are plenty of others on Amazon. Unfortunately you will find some conflicting info on what foods to eliminate and which are ok - sometimes you just have to experiment to find out what works for you.

    all the best,

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  4. joyfully

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    Phase I of the South Beach Diet should be helpful to you. It will help to "reset" your body's reactions to foods. (2 weeks).

    Phase II is not as limiting, but your body doesn't seem to crave the sweets and carbs.

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