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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by star273, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. star273

    star273 New Member

    I just wanted to share with anyone who might be interested... I read the post about sugar and FM/CFS. I love sugar. I would put alot in my one cup of coffee in the morning and then have some in my iced tea, hot tea, cream of wheat. Whatever. I love sugar. I found something to replace it and it is so good. Its called Blue Agave Nector. It is the best. I have been able to totally cut out using white table sugar. I have to say, I have felt a big differnce in the way I feel and my IBS is better too.
    I buy mine at Trader Joes which is only a couple dollars. I have seen it for 6.00 or more though, but you can find it cheaper.
    It really is good and worth the switch from table sugar.
    If anyone of you can try it please do... you will love it.
  2. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Hi Star, I just cut out sugar last week,I'm feeling way better!!!

    I'm using Xylitol in my coffee, it taste great and it is all natural,but expensive.

    I've never heard of "Blue Agave Nectar"??? is there any bitter after taste??

    If it's that cheap, this would be a better choice for me.

    Thanks for the info., Sandie
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  3. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    One of my "New Life Goals" for 2009 is to cut table sugar out of my diet. I have noticed over the past year or so that when I have a lot of sugar in my diet (especially pop, hot chocolate, and iced-tea) I start to get a lot of pain in my toes and fingers. I was also starting to feel over-heated whenever physically active. Within a week or so of stopping the sugar, the pain went away and the feeling of being overly hot lessened. I'm hoping to see some weight loss from this also.

    For drinks that I would normally sweeten (ie hot chocolate) I am going to try using D-Ribose as a sweetner. I was mixing the D-Ribose in with my orange juice and found it almost undrinkable it was so sweet, so hopefully it will be enough sweetner for cocoa as you usually use 2 tbsps of sugar, which is a lot.

    I think it is Dr. Oz (from the Oprah show) who suggested Agave as a replacement to sugar. I'll have to check into it as some things really are better with a touch of sugar :)
  4. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    My doctor suggested Splenda. I do not crave sugar, so I just stopped eating it. Now I rarely have a coke. But I can always tell when my simple carbs or sugar consumption is too much. I get rectal itch and constipation. I cut back again and take a probiotic. Within a day, it is better.

    I wonder what these substitutes are made of.

    Of course, I know some of them are harmful to the nervous system, very bad to us.

  5. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I have also found a big difference in how I feel when I take in less sugar, but I have read enough bad about asperatame (nutra sweet) and sucralose (splenda) that I try to avoid them, too. D-Ribose is great and helps with the CFIDS some, but it's expensive and if I used it when I normally used sugar, I wouldn't be getting a consistent dose from day to day. So, I do take it, but not as a sugar substitute. I have been using Stevia as a sweetner and it's great. I originally tried the packets that you can get at the grocery store and thought they were bitter, but then I found large containers of lose stevia at Trader Joe's. They aren't that expensive (if you don't get organic), they don't taste bitter, and they are good for you....anyway, just thought I'd throw another option out there.
  6. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    I was using Stevia too, in the little packets, but also found them to be very bitter.

    What is the difference between the packets and large containers??

    I have read that it does have health benefits. Sandie

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