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    Sugar 02/21/06 12:16 PM

    I too have incessant cravings for sugar. What are the probiotics and how does the lemon work. Also, is it best to be on a low carb diet (such as Atkins). I find if I follow it I crave alot less more thing, does excessive sugar intake add to the pain? I ate alot of sugar last night and this morning I was in extreme pain.\Thanks for your help.
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    You are probably hypoglycemic Gigi; it seems to go hand in hand with fibro & CFS. Left uncontrolled it could lead to diabetes. A low carb diet will control this if you stick to it - you could try the Atkins or there is a low carb diet especially designed for us on the Guaidoc website, or in Dr St Amand's book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia' (new version due out in March). I did post a long topic recently called 'Are you hypoglycemic?' that you could do a search for if you're interested. Best wishes x
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    A lot of bacteria involved in CFS/fibo feed on sugar and carbs, so it's best to avoide it. If the body cannot produce enough energy it will try and compensate with a graving for carbs or sugar. The Atkins diets is not a very good diet for someone with CFS/fibo due to the high levels of protein and low carbs (you'll end up worse off, as it will make the blood very acidic). I've found the best and most effeective diet is the blood group diet. It will take a while to beat the sugar craving, you could try lower amounts of sugar until you can phase it out.
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    Thank you all for responding. I have some great information here. When I was younger I could do the Atkins diet without a problem. Now I can't tolerate the meat and fat. I will try your suggestions. Thanks again!

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    I was thinking on doing the lower fat version but not South Beach. I find if I lower my fat too much that I am hungry all the time.
    I basically just use the good fats. Butter, olive oil, walnuts and such.
    I do get hungry for fruit every once in a while tho.. as far as losing pounds.. I have lost more in inches then in pounds.. I do feel better tho by not eating the sugar. If I do try to eat it.. I crave it and have a hard time getting off of the sugar again'
    A few of the diet plans mentioned.. I havent heard of before'
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    I certainly am not going to debate the relative virtues of one low-carb plan over another in general... but I do know that Atkins is a lifesaver for me. I originally went on it to lose weight, but found the increase in my health dramatic. I went off it for a while, and got increasingly sicker (and fatter) -- and have once again improved a great deal after going back on it. Just my 2 cents...
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    The protien power plan has helped me allot.
    I had sugar cravings night and day, gained so much weight until I looked like a short round ball.
    I've been on the protien power plan for a month and have lost 15 lbs, and feel much better for it.
    I do believe that sugar does add to the pain it seemed to cause me more pain after eating allot of sweets.
    But with the cravings it was like so what I'm always in pain so why not enjoy the something (sugar.
    Now eating differently I feel better and don't have the need for all of that sugar.
    I do have something on a occasion.
    I could put away a large bag of peanut M/Ms in a day.
    and my family knows that I'm a chocholic so they would buy me boxes of candy. Well for some reason I would sit and make a meal of them. Instead of haveing a peice now and then , I'd work my way through the box like a little kid out of control, and for this I've got myself 70 lbs over weight. Sure it tastes good but its just not worth it.
    So not only does it cause more aches and pain it causes weight gain and depression. Its really our enemy.