Sugar, carbs and CFIDS

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  1. Angie812

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    I am just curious what the effects of sugar and carbs are on people with CFIDS. I've seen it mentioned a few times on here to avoid these things, but I don't know why. These are the things that I crave all the time!

    Any input?
  2. Mamalovinit

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    I know someone will come along and give you better info on why you crave and such. I'm kinda out of it right now so I just wanted to give my experiences.

    I went of carbs and all sugar even natural sugar, two different times. I just went 35 days like that. I felt better and had more energy. By the way my cravings died off after day 4. I went of the diet last week. I feel out of it in the body and my mind feels foggy. Ii am so nauseated and Ii am holding my head up with my hand. My IBS has kicked back in.

    Could my food make that big of a difference in how I feel?

    Yes I believe so, in fact that's why I went back off the diet. I wanted to know for sure before I gave so much up.

    Now I want to go crash someplace. I get to start all over again.

    My kids need their school lessons, I have a feeling today will be shorted.

    I don't know if any of that made since. I better get off this thing.

  3. vickiw

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    I know I feel better when I don't indulge at all (sugar or refined carbs). Here's some info from Dr Walt Stoll's site:
    Many people have been asking for a mechanism for the depressed immunity seen in people who eat sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Many are known but the Leukocytic Index is an especially helpful one for many people to begin to take this health risk seriously.

    More than 20 years ago a large study [ "Sucrose, Neutrophilic Phagocytosis, and Resistance to Disease", Ringsdorf, Cheraskin and Ramsey; Dent. Surv. 52: #12, 46-48, December, 1976 ] was published about the effects of refined carbohydrates (of which sweets are the worst) on the leukocytic index. Our white cells are the most important factors in protecting us from invading organisms. The leukocytic index is a measure of how many organisms one white blood cell (WBC) can eat in an hour. Therefore an index of 10 means that that one WBC ate 10 organisms in THAT hour.

    The average LI (leukocytic index) in the USA--and remember, average is not as healthy as one can get--is about 13.9. Within 15 minutes, after an individual eats the amount of refined carbohydrates normally ingested in the evening meal --about 100 grams, the leukocytic index drops to about 1.4. Depending on the genetic susceptibility to this problem, it might be better or worse--this is just an average. Diabetics ALWAYS have a LI of less than 2.

    That means: the average person loses more than 90% of their immune function within 15 minutes of indulging in this poisonous substance. This deficiency lasts for about 2 hours after the stress occurs.
  4. Shannonsparkles

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    Never again! What broke the diet was that I was exposed to a lot of yeast in the air for several hours, and I think that triggered my cravings to go haywire. I was eating carby things I didn't even like and I couldn't control it. It was awful watching myself get sicker and not being able to stop it.

    Started getting shakey, taking hours to wake up, losing sleep, crying, becomming a zombie... all the stuff I had going on BEFORE starting the diet. Trust me, it makes a difference! Even if you don't have a diagnosis of candida, give the diet a try for two weeks, see how you feel. The diet reccomended for CFS is basically the same as the candida diet.
  5. Angie812

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    I have been diagnosed with CFIDS, but do not know of a specific diet for it. What does it involve?
  6. Empower

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    I just starting reading "Eating Alive" by Matsen???

    It is the book that Jennifer Beales (actress) used to fight CFS

    His theory is that things like sugar and yeast wreak havoc in your intestinal system

    I am suffereing from a cold right now, but once through this, I may try his program
  7. LittleBluestem

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    There also seems to me to be an unusually high number of people on this board with hypoglycemia/low blood sugar. I don't know if they have CFS, FM, or both.