Sugar free treat recipes needed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. cjcookie

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    I don't have much money for this Christmas but I do get food stamps so I plan to make a big treat basket for my Dad who has diabetes. I'm scouring for diabetic friendly recipes (for me too!).

    Making treats for the rest of the family is easy (as long as I'm not tempted to eat them). Of course, any really yummy Christmas cookie recipes are also welcome. I bet everyone would like to see these.
  2. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Very important this time of year with all the sugar goodies
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    pamj New Member

    It's not something that would keep well, more like something to enjoy while it's warm...

    I made a baked apple pancake for me & my nieces to enjoy while they visited me tonight. I peeled & cut up 2 apples, and sauteed them in some butter & cinnamon until they were soft. They I made the pancake batter (however you like, mine was a wheat-free recipe), and poured it into a pie pan sprayed with non-stick spray. Then gently spoon the apple mixture on top of the pancake batter & bake for about 1/2 hour.

    There is no sugar needed, and even though it's recommended to use maple syrup, you don't need it! My nieces actually prefer it without syrup. It's a great breakfast too :)

    If you want to find a lot of recipes, do a web search for sugar free recipes... I did it & found a lot of sites with free recipes.

    Let me know if I can be of any help.

    take care,
  4. cosmoo

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    I am sorry I don't have any recipes for you but I have a suggestion.
    I have had to entertain diabetics in the past and when I do I head for the library. There are some excellant books put out by Diabetic groups that have great recipes in them. I always get compliments. Unfortunatly I haven't really kept any of them but it is a cheap way to get ideas.
  5. alaska3355

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    Bert's Oatmeal Bars
    1/2 c. low calorie margarine
    1/2 c. granulated fructose
    1/2 c. water
    4 c. quick cooking oatmeal
    1/2 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips
    1/2 c. peanut butter
    Combine margarine, fructose, and water in a small saucepan. Heat until margarine is melted and fructose is completely dissolved. Place the oatmeal in a large mixing bowl. With beater on low speed, pour margarine mixture into oatmeal. Mix well. Pat into a 15 x 10 in. jelly roll pan sprayed with cooking spray. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 - 15 minutes. Score into 1 x 2 in. bars while warm. Cool completely. Next, melt chocolate chips and peanut butter in a small saucepan. When warm and melted, spread over entire surface of cookie (use a pastry brush). Let cool, then cut at scored edges. Remove from pan and store in fridge.
    Yield: 70 cookies
    Exchange: 1 cookie: 2/3 starch/bread
    Calories, 1 cookie: 55
    Carbs, 1 cookie: 8
  6. alaska3355

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  7. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Sour Cream Cookies
    1/2 c.low calorie margarine
    1/2 c. xylitol or granulated fructose
    1 egg
    1/4 t. baking soda
    1/4 c. fat free sour cream
    1/2 t. grated lemon zest
    1/2 t. vanilla extract
    3 c. sifted cake flour
    Cream margarine and xylitol together. Beat in egg. Dissolve soda in sour cream; then beat into creamed mixture. Stir in lemon zest and vanilla. Next, stir in sifted cake flour. Dough must be firm. Roll into a log and wrap in plastic wrap and chill 1/2 hour. Cut log thinly into 50 slices. Bake at 375 degrees for 8 - 10 minutes, watching carefully to prevent burning.
  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    bumping for cjcookie

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