Sugar gives me fibro fog and no energy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KCD, Jun 11, 2003.

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    I was feeling great on my no sugar/no carb diet until I fell off the wagon. It is such a difficult diet to keep and be "normal", especially with three young kids. I had so much more energy and very little fibro fog. I am wondering if it is the candida that is the root of my probs. I have not had all the blood work done yet because we are in the process of moving to Baton Rouge from Dallas.........KCD
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    I will look into it. Thanks again......KCD
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    ....something similar, low carb/low sugar, instead of NO's very difficult to maintain NO carb & sugar, especially if you've historically been a sugar eater.

    I recently gave up pretty much all the starchy carbs (all flour products, potatoes, corn) due to food allergies. I never ate much pure sugar (didn't eat desserts, etc) but I do miss pizza, for example! But I eat some fresh carbs like some fruit & legumes, so it's not NO carb. I DO find my energy level is definitely up!

    Dr. Devin Starlanyl recommends the Zone diet for FMers, by the way......although I'm sure that's not the only useful diet for FM. Diets seem to be very individual because many of us have other underlying health problems besides just FM/CFS.....but the Zone, or a variation, may be worth a try.

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    I have just today started the no carb diet. I did ok except for the yogurt with sugar and fruit in it. It is a process. We will see what works for me. Thanks....KCD
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    When I go off the diet for say a wedding or soemthing, I feel like I can't even focus my eyes I get so spacey. You can definitely feel the insulin when you go off of it. I think this is the hypoglycemia showing up in me.