Sugar Highs and Lows

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by ChattyCathy9, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. ChattyCathy9

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    Does anyone experience an episode wherein they have a sugar rush only to have it bottom out suddenly? This happens to me quite a lot. I wil have breakfast, usually some cereal with 2% milk and no added sugar. Along about an hou and a half later I will all of a sudden start feeling sick to my stomach, dizzy and like I want to die. All of my doctors have different comments on this. The psych doctors say a panic attack, I take xanax. The medical doctors say they don't know why. My blood tests are normal. Finally, because my husband is a diabetic, I have him check my sugar level with his machine. The readings have been as low as 43 when I experience this feeling. My internist says that I could have blood checked again, but I would have to experience this situation while there. Almost impossible, as I never know when it will happen. Anyone else experience this?
  2. 1952

    1952 New Member

    I was just lurking im always in the lupus room,because i have it, but you sound like what i have until they did a 5 hour sugar glucose test, and found out i was hypoglcemic, i had an attack in the hosp. i went down to a 34, they wanted to stop the test and i said no,so i sat in a wheel chair, so i would advise the dr to schedule one for you
    good luck

    gail a/k/a 1952
  3. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I have hypoglycemia. I went though a bunch of doctors until I happened to read an article in a magazine about the 25 most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions. I was sitting in a doctor's waiting room when I read it! When I finally got to see the Dr., I insisted that I be scheduled for that test. BINGO! My blood sugar plumetted at 4 1/2 hours. At 4 hrs and 50 minutes, I was so cold that my teeth were chattering even though they had put several blankets on me. I don't think that everyone has exactly the same symptoms. I lose total sense of direction when my blood sugar gets low. When this happens, I pull into a McDonalds, Wendys, whatever---and get something to eat. Then my blood sugar goes up and I know my way home. When I had the test, I don't think I was allowed to eat anything that morning. When I got to the lab, they gave me this VERY sweet stuff to drink. I think they took a blood sample every hour after that, and they also took one when I was so cold and my teeth were chattering.
    P.S. Take along something to read or do because you are going to be there for 5 hours.
  4. Kimberlysue

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    You must insist your Dr. order the 5 hour test. This is the only one that truly shows it. It took me 3 times and 3 Dr. to get it right.
    That is way to low, be careful!
  5. kb101

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    I vote for the Glucose Tolerance Test too.
    You might try getting an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist because blood sugar problems are connected
    with some of the syndromes that women have.
    It's big and complicated metabolic problems with a lot of ifs ands and buts.
    Unfortunately, Reproductive Endocrinologists are hard to get into and hard to find.
    If you can't find one of those try looking for a Gynecologist who might be up on the correlation between blood sugars and womens reproductive parts.
    If your sugar is droping into the 40's, that's pretty low territory and you need to start being real careful with your diet.
    The first reaaction is to run for the sugar, but really, a protein with a low carb low sugar balance would be better.
    Hypoglycemics, always get told they are having a panic attack.And in a way you are. But not for the reasons the Doctors usually think which falls into psych territory when they find out Xanax is on board.
    The kind of panic that happens is literally, a body response to an extreme medical condition. When the blood sugar drops low, especially down to 40 and lower, the body is literally getting ready to shut down.
    The brain goes first. Glucose is the only food for the brain, and in the case of low blood sugar the brain is not getting the sugar it needs to function. And that's why you have the panic attack. The body says Oh No! this is serious bad! Survival! survival! panic!
    When blood sugar drops down to 30 you have a serious medical situation on your hands.
    At 20, just depending how long the sugar stays low, brain damage can happen. This level is a real medical emergency.
    Some people have to call the paramedics at this point or be rushed to the hospital because the blood sugar will sometimes get stuck and be difficult to pull out of those real low dips.
    In the 20's is where people begin to go into a coma too.
    So yeh, panic then starts making sense doesn't it?
    You need to keep up with your blood sugar levels until you can get a diet/exercise and medical plan going with one of your Doctors.
    Buy your own kit and start keping notes.
    Hope this information is of some help.
    I've already been down that severe road, survived and sure as heck work real hard to avoid that little freaked out event. Diet and exercise will be your first action.
    Eat frequently and follow some specialized guidelines.
    If you have a Doctor who understands the use of medications for hypo, then there might also be medication available.
    I take medication too, because mine is so bad.
    That is a condition called insulin resistence and some of it can be genetically linked.
  6. LMTiAM

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    What you are experiencing is a rapid sugar drop. You may not have low blood sugar that the tests pick up but what is happening is you are not getting enough protein in your system. Try eating eggs for breakfast with some complex carb like oat meal or whole wheat toast. Some box cereals can really turn into sugar in your body so quickly that it's like eating a candy bar. Hope this helps you.
  7. LMTiAM

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    I am a reactive hypoglycemic going on 12 yrs now and a low sugar drop can induce anxiety, nervousness, sweats, irritablity, dizziness, depression, nausea etc. Dr's don't really understand what people can go through. It is best in my opinion/experience is to always make sure you have a protien with every meal and limit bread intake. All refind flour products would be a no no. If you want bread, eat whole wheat. If you want potato, eat a small one with your protein. Limit your fruit to berries and maybe a small apple or a few slices of orange and if you have anything with sugar, please eat it with a small carbohydrate and a protien. Never eat candy by itself as it will cause a sugar drop. Maybe keep a package of peanut butter and crackers in your purse or car.
  8. ksimmons

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    I cannot eat cereal or donuts for breakfast. Have to have eggs and meat or peanut butter. Then I am usually good until lunchtime.

    I did the 5 hour test once. It didn't show up with that test. However, my doctor that I have now tells me that I have the classic symptoms (including clammy hands) even though the test said no. When I have tested my sugar when I feel like I am going to pass out, it has been as low as 41. You can go into a coma if it gets too low so be careful and keep some snacks handy.

    Another symptom I have that I didn't see mentioned here is irritation. When my sugar drops, I have NO PATIENCE whatsoever and get kind of hateful. Feed me and I am back to normal. Have noticed this same thing with my daughter. When she gets grouchy, I ask her if she has eaten anything - usually the answer is no. Get her something to eat and she's a sweetheart.

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