Sugar/Honey/Maple Syrup????

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    Hi all! I know sugar is not good for us. Is it because it is refined? If that's the case, what about honey (raw) & pure maple syrup? Especially the syrup - we have a sugar bush & produce & sell maple syrup. I'd rather die than give up my pure maple :) (Just kidding - I would if I absolutely had to - maybe).

    Maybe it's the carbohydrate content? I don't know. Hope someone out there does.

    And do you have to cut it out completely or is a little ok?

    Take care.......Kathi
  2. Mikie

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    Do not allow for any kinds of syrups or honey. The body will metabolize them as sugar. Different kinds of carbs cause different insulin reactions. For instance, fruit is digested more slowly than fruit juice and, therefore, does no cause an insulin spike.

    Sugar, corn syrup, honey, and maple syrup are all no no's if on a low carb diet.

    Love, Mikie
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    It was a great question! And it is not mine! :)

    Not to mention the answer. ;)

    Is it the same with Stevia? Can we use it in tee?

    Also, I was chewing gum for a while. It made me feel a bit better. I believe it is because of menthol! Somehow the air more freshening after taking in some menthol. I have no explanation.

    However, I noticed that these "sugar free" chewing gums contain aspartame (besides other artifical sweeteners). I believe aspartame makes me feel bad and causes headache, so I stopped chewing them.
    So, how is it with Menthol? Anyone else feeling the same?

    Ban, who was really sweet-toothed
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    Thanks for the info. I had been on a lo carb diet before & I know that honey & especially maple syrup is a no no.

    Are you supposed to be on a lo carb diet if you have fms?

    Is it bad to have an insulin spike if you have fms?

    Does the honey & maple syrup make you feel bad if you have fms?

    Just trying to wiggle out of giving up my maple syrup :)

    Take care........Kathi
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  5. Plantscaper

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    It is definitely, a NO-NO..and many CFS/FM people have this mainly leads to weight gain in the abdominal and upper torso portions of the body..and now, it is considered a precursor to diabetes..

    So, if you do have it, it is very important to go on a low-glycemic diet..The Glycemic Index educates as to which foods are high insulin triggers...and some foods are on the list which you, at first, would not think would be, like cereals, carrots, potatoes, and beets..

    It is best to use no sugar in all its forms..I have gone to Stevia for any sweetner that is needed in teas, and such..
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    I don't have any insulin resistance. Not even sure what that means. I have a physical once a year & they check my blood sugar & I've never had any problems with that. It will be interesting to see if that changes since the full blown fms came on.

    So, if I don't have insulin resistance & am not overweight I shouldn't have to worry too much if I use the honey or syrup now & again. It's not like we eat it everyday.

    I haven't used sugar in over a year & don't plan to start again. I do cheat once in a while & have a cookie or some dessert if we're at a holiday gathering.

    Thanks for all the info.

    Take care.......Kathi