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    Just reading my August issue of Alternative produced by Dr. David Williams and the main focus of this August letter is: Chronic Inflammation, The Silent Killer....I'll make separate thread on this
    later...this has been a huge focus for me in the last 3 yrs or so. There is acute and chronic inflammation and I'll do my best to explain what he says.

    But into the letter he goes in the sugar crazies....

    He basically has said and says it again:

    I've written many times that sugar kills. We continue to learn that it does so in
    so many different ways...Our ever-growing addiction to sugar has caused many of the
    systemic health problems we suffer from today.

    Sugar has become such a huge part of lives that most people will never be
    convinced that they need to remove from their diets...(I've worked long and
    hard on this one in the last 10+ yrs.) And of course, it has become almost
    impossible now to totally eliminate it. But the research is there...It is directly
    linked to the number-1 disease responsible for more deaths than any other...

    Most people (doctors included) don't realize that S.mutans is the most prevelant
    bacterial species found in the artery cell walls of patients who undergo
    cardiovascular surgeries..And an infection by S.mutans is a leading cause of
    endocarditis or inflammation of heart valves.

    For me HOPING the grapeseed extract/pycnogenol supps are HELPING
    with my cardio health.

    Also on this, and I've read/heard about this for a long time, cancer cells
    love sugar.
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    He also touched on Oil Pulling which he does weekly, says he does it 3 times per week before first brushing in the morning. I do it, but have slacked off...going to do it now....

    Talk about pulling harmful bacteria from our bodies.
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    Ok..oil pulling was new to me. Jam what oils do you use and where to you get yours?
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    FJ, Organic CO is everywhere and I think someone said ProHalth sells it to. I just found Trader Joe's Organic CO is very nice and a good price, so when I get to TJ's I buy a couple jars....I've used many CO's but I'd use only organic.

    You can find a lot of info on Oil Pulling online and some like sesame oil and many use Coconut Oil. I use CO for so much in my life...even make up my own toothpaste with a base of Coconut Oil and I add a few other things to the mix...a good healthy toothpaste.

    I have NOT used commerical TP's in many many moons....jam
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    Thanks a lot guys for sharing this wonderful post on this forum. That was quite an informative article.
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    I had a NICE blood sugar report today when I went into my MD's to go over BS was hovering around 110-92ish over the last several years since I've really started to watch the numbers.....

    I don't have diabetes and don't want it.....

    Today BS was a lovely 73...I'm pretty fanatic about
    sugar intake and eat NO breads/pasteries (for the most part) and low and behold a lovely 73....
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    Wow Jam, that is great. I have got to get myself under control better.
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    FibroJune, if you have higher sugar numbers, then you do
    want CUT way back on sugar intake including carbs....but cinammon does a good job of getting sugar lowered too. I have been taking cinammon in various forms and now I will back down since I don't want to go lower than 73. jm
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    The regular labs range is 60-110. I don't monitor at home and I don't have diabetes but want to keep my sugar numbers down regardless....I'll just continue to cut way back on sugars/carbs and cut back on cinammon. I still use cinammon but won't take the dose of capsules I took daily in recent times.... jam

    Just cutting back sugars/carbs is just plain good sense to me. I'm not perfect believe me, as a sweet here and there is nice...
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    I have a little many are so unaware of their health issues and put so much trust in their docs, I'm not one of them, ANYMORE for sure....after 10 long years of an undiagnosed sluggish thyroid, boy have I learned...

    A bridge friend who deals with many years of squamous cell cancers and gets them cut out regularly, she deals with so much pain and misery with these cuttings.....she has NEVER sought out other remedies....

    I did for her, she is not on line and again trusts her MD.....she is now using Curaderm that I brought to her attention and it's WORKING, she trys it on a couple cancer cells at a time and it's doing the I brought to her black salve which I hear does good too for basal and squamous cell cancers.....her daughter will NOW check that out as it's much less money.

    THis woman has talked about borderline diabetes since I've known her, well I believe borderline is diabetes....she has dealth with feet neuropathy for many years and now I'm believing it's diabetes...that she does NOT address....

    She is a big sugar person, I call her on it as sugar not only feeds the cancers but the diabetes, duh....

    I told her about the cinammon and what it did and how it brought down the sugar numbers, and I don't deal with diabetes....she does not get labs and does not advocate for she will buy cinammon caps.

    I get so angry at how so many people do NOT keep on top of their health. Why do I even bother I ask myself all the time....guess I just have such a distaste for so much of the medical world.....I'm done.
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    I agree Jam, what makes me the so angry is they aren't open minded enough to try anything else. That is for any type of health issues. If a medical doctor says it's good then they go with that. They are missing out on many things that could be helping with their health.
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    Open minded???? They are trained to push drugs... Everything is so specialized, finding an integrative MD is has to be their one MD first...before the net, I subscribed to Alternative Medicine Magaine and got a great education, and I have a few very "in the know" friends....and we HELP each other...
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    Just a reminder on this so many ways.....holidays can be deadly.

    Put in your mind also, cancer cells thrive in a sugary environment....who wants to deal with cancer???????

    This statement is forever in my forefront of my mind......I'm hardly tempted anymore....we don't need those sugars.....

    I'm going to buy some kiwi and persimmons today to satisfy a sweet need.....I've been using organic pumpkin , adding cinammon and tad of stevia, crushed pistachios and it is so satisfying....
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    From the UK: 4 days ago - UK guidelines recommend that we should have no more than 50g - or ... says that while most healthy people can get away with the odd sugar binge, ..... We are no longer accepting comments on this article. .... EXCLUSIVE: Harry flies into the West End: J.K. Rowling to co-produce new stage play based on ...
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    I'm so proud of me, a couple weeks ago I bought a box of TJoe's Cocoa Truffles, lots of sugar and carbs....never opened them, was going to give to grandkids (they don't need them for sure), then thought I'd take them to our annual bridge dinner party tomorrow night and decided NO, so I'm taking them back to TJ's today while I'm over there....I absolutely know no one cannot eat just 1 truffle. jam