Sugar Substitute Intolerance

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I recently started a low-carb diet which is going quite well. The only problem is my digestive system cannot tolerate sugar substitutes of any kind--particularly Splenda. Anybody have any suggestions? I can handle the diet, but not the sugar substitutes! Any ideas?

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    My two vegan daughters use Stevia all the time..just had lunch with them in the city today and one of them took out the tiny Stevia drops I bought for them in the Vitamin Shoppe. The bottle is so tiny that she told me one of her colleagues asked her why she was putting eyedrops in her coffee. Now that's a little dopey--lol!!

    I do occasionally use a slight amount of Agave nectar, and an occasional packet of Sugar In the Raw. I am watching all my carbs, so I think this small amount should be okay. I did like the loose Stevia that I had purchased in Trader Joe's some time ago; think I might give it another try. Just a point of info for any vegans out there (which I am not)-- the loose Stevia from Trader Joe's in the tall container with the red top contains milk for whatever reason. You need to check the Stevia label if that is a concern.

    Splenda is just too tough on my digestive system. My younger daughter works for a low carb, sugar free bakery and they have a dedicated following despite being quite expensive. They only use Splenda for baking and the owner will not deviate from that because she runs a dedicated kitchen (which I have to commend her for). She also only uses almond flour and the best chocolate money can buy. But because of the Splenda I rarely indulge in the goodies she occasionally brings home. I'd rather have a Granny Smith apple with peanut butter and keep my digestive system intact!

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