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    Hi. I really need some advice. I need to know what type of doctor I should go to see for fibromyalgia. Does anyone know of any doctors in the San Fran area?
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    The most common is that a Rheumatologist diagnoses FM. Be upfront with him that you suspect FM since your symptoms match. Maybe call around to regular doc offices and ask if the doc in question treats FM. If he treats it, he probably also diagnoses it or leads you to someone who does.

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    That suggested that after your diagnoses the best doctor to take care of you afterwords is your GP= family doctor.
    I wish I could find it but I cant.

    I have my GP who treats me.She takes care of all my test and medications.Any time I make a suggestion from this sight she will do some research about it and if we feel it might work we try it.

    I am very lucky that I have such a caring doctor she has never refused me anything that I feel will help me...And when I am afraid of some drug that she might want to try
    or a treatment I let her know and we revue the pro's and con's and make a decision together.

    I see her once a month and my neurologist, orthopedic
    and shrink every 2 months. Been following this line up of doctors after a rhuemetologist diagnosed me.I did not care for him . I had my GP take over I told her I fired him cause I did not like him. She said fine and took over from there.I have not had any problems with any of my doctors they are all very very caring and kind and most important they listen to me...............

    Sorry I got off tack.I always do when I talk about my doctors.

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    I was diagnosed by a neuro who sent to a rheumie for treatment. After two expensive visits he shook his head and said "I never had much luck with fibro patients". then my m.d. set me to a pain doctor and I have been with him ever since. He recently put me on thyroid pills which have helped me alot. I truely believe that if it wasn't for him I would have been dead, I'm serious, because I was like a zombie for over a year and no one was helping me.