Suggestions for 1st appt. with new rheumy....

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    Hi everyone,
    I am preparing for my first appt. with a new rheumatologist.
    Aside from bringing along my records from my old rheumy, I have no idea what to say or do. There is so much to say. I want to be prepared and not waste my office visit. Any thoughts?
    Thank you,
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    Easy. Make a list head to toe of your symptoms. ALL your symptoms even if they seem unrelated to FM, such as Gyn problems. On the other side write down all the tests you've had and what the results were.

    Then take a 2nd paper and write down any questions you have. When you get in the office, say hello to the doc and tell him/her that you have information written down or have your papers sitting out where they will easily be seen.

    Most docs I know grab my question paper and fill it out like it's a test. LOL! They answer all my questions and tell me how wonderful & prepared I am.

    Doctors as a rule are anal and hurried people. The bonus is that you won't forget what you wanted to ask and if you're like me and you cry through half your appointments you won't get blown off either.

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    thanks for the advice Rachael! There's nothing worse than leaving the dr.'s office with unasked questions.
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    I'm going to add to the above post, Racheal is right on. Make a ONE-PAGE document of all your symptoms (prioritize, worst to least problematic), also put on this page any previous testing (bloodwork, MRIs, spinal tap, etc) and the results (for example, what was found or eliminated by these tests, dates they were done, if you have them). BE CONCISE, keep it to one easy-to-read page. Even the most hurried doctor will usually look at one page; bring your full records from your old rheumy, but don't necessarily expect them to be looked at while you are in the office. Keep the one-page document on your computer so you can add to it/change it as symptoms change or more tests are run.

    I bring this to each new doctor, most will read it & appreciate that I haven't brought a book, but a concise list, given every doctor's time constraints.

    Good luck, I hope it's a good visit & you have found a knowledgeable & empathetic new doctor!

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    and thanks for the suggestions and good wishes!