suggestions for allergies and lose of air conditioning

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by place, May 30, 2006.

  1. place

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    It is hot and humid and 85-90 degree. I am allergic to mold and cotton wood, which we have two giant trees in my yard. My husband is so hot and will not shut the windows. I can’t blame him because one of us will be suffering. Any suggestions for keeping cool or to get help with the allergies.
  2. TxSongBird

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    I cannot have the windows open due to extreme allergies so we have central air and two window units, one in our bedroom because that side of the house faces the West and is extremely hot and one on our sun porch. I live in Texas where it gets in the triple digits by July so I can't go without the a/c.

  3. suzetal

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    Put a few ice cubes in a towel or even better if you have an ice pack.Place them on the inside of your rist .This works for me and cools down my whole body.

    You can also put on the back of your neck.I dont know why but these 2 spots cool you right down.

    Take care
  4. place

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    These are some great suggestions! Thank you all, I think tonight I will get some sleep!