Suggestions for dealing with FM and daughter's wedding

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by a-b, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. a-b

    a-b New Member

    My daughter is getting married the end of July. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with the fatigue that I am sure will accompany it?

    How do you prepare for a major event? How do you keep from being totally overwelmed?

    Anytime I am stressed, the pain in my hands, etc gets worse and I get so tired. I am taking vitamins and supplements, lots of B vitamins. I plan to get a massage a couple days before, as that always seems to help, and take off work two days before and the following Monday.

    Any other ideas anyone can suggest would be appreciated!

    Thanks, A

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  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    This is a good time to have a lot of quite times for yourself .Space them out through the day and get by yourself in a quite room ,low light at a cool temp.Regroup your emotions and Breath deep breaths.20 mins at a time.

    This is important and hopefully will help you deal with any added stress.Your daughter might need to do this to.

    I was at my worse when my daughter got married 6 years ago .I do not remember hardly anything.I missed out on one of the most important days in her life .I wish I had known about this board and been able to vent .I was lost inside myself mentally ,just a shell of a person.

    Anyhow take it all in slowly .As this will be the beginning of a new life for her ,it also is for you .Pamper yourself after the wedding too, other then the Bride I think her mother has alot of stressful moments that day.

    Be kind to your self .If something happens thats not surpose to ,Roll with the punches .Prepare yourself ahead of time and think ahead where you can sit down and enjoy the view .

    Do not rush around ,have several people willing to take direction from you, to finish a task.Nieces are good to include as runners for you ,if you explane to them a head of time ,you may need to call upon one of them to help.

    Plan to enjoy your moments with your Daughter. Do not get caught up in anything that would pull you away from your last moments as mother and daughter .

    After shes married your relationship will change.Your little girl becomes a women and you may even feel feelings of grief ,or of a kind of loss.If you have any trouble with depression just beaware there are alot of emotions that come out that day.

    Eat well,even keep little snacks that you can grab so you do not get light headed .

    I hope you enjoy this Day as much as she will .Just remember to pace yourself ,rest,drink lots of water and get comfortable shoes.

    After all this said ,start with the good shoes.LOL
    mine cut the circulation off in my toes and I had to remove them at the reception.They hurt for days afterwards.
    You might want a foot massage after the wedding.:)

  3. a-b

    a-b New Member

    I appreciate the suggestions. I do have a large family, several sisters, who will help me, along with friends. I just have to ask them! I am so used to being the organizer, being in control, doing things myself, that it is hard to change. But I am working on it.

    Thanks again!
  4. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I would let everyone else do the work and the worrying. You pamper yourself now and maybe take a massage after the wedding also. They usually help. I get them, too.

    If the wedding is this month most must have been taken care of. So, relax and wait for the blessed day in peace and harmony.


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