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    i never thought of myself as stong nor do i today...i understand ppl who commit suicde better today.....i am in pain so severe i am hunched over trying to type this... tried to eat more solid food yesterday pain and vommitting came within minutes my body barely takes fluids...if not for GODS strength i would choose death by suicide.
    love, brenda
  2. blessings

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    I come to You in the Mighty Name of Jesus and for His sake and lift up to you Brenda. Lord, You are aware of even the sparrows fall and I know You are aware of the despair and pain that Brenda is in.

    Father, I ask that you impart Your healing power to Brenda.
    I ask that her suffering abate and that she will be able to eat and drink foods necessary to sustain her.

    Father, please I pray, move on behalf of Brendas health and give her peace.

    I ask in Jesus name. Amen

    Brenda, i also know what its like to not be able to eat properly; I am thankful that things have gotten better, with a lot of prayer and time.

    I do drink boost, or ensure, to get the vitamins needed, as I cannot digest a lot of foods.

    Even if all you can take are sips at a time, if you are able to keep liquid , especially water down for a short time, the body will absorb it.

    Will continue to keep you in my prayers, love, blessings
  3. Mikie

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    I am not familiar with what treatments you are on, but no one should have to suffer in pain. Is there a pain specialist in your area? If your pain gets too severe, you can go to the ER for it. They cannot turn you away in pain.

    God bless you and send you relief.

    Love, Mikie
  4. genevie

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    I will keep you in my prayers. I read your profile and you have so much faith. Don't give up. The Lord won't give you more than you can handle. Maybe easier said then done. The hardest I have experience is living with three, (not one), out of control teenagers. But today I look back and at that time I didn't think I was going to make it. But HE carried me through.
    I have had cancer twice and possibly a third time (still awaiting my test results), but thank God we have HIM.
    God Bless you and heal you in the name of Jesus. Amen
    Romans 8:28
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    Sending prayers up for you tonite. I know how you feel, I`ve felt the same way so many times. Hang on, their will be better days ahead. We are here for you.