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    My current HCP has never tested for any type Yeast.I feel with current as well as past issues it is a STRONG possibility.I had TONS Of mucas from air ways yesterday,much containg Dark brown/grey/black oval smooth Chunks.(sorry gross)This morning Every where I go smells like sweet/rotting something!I came to the conclusion w/daily get together prep the smell is ME!.SMELL still present.I had much higher pain level in back and arms/shoulders yesterday,other than that life in lisa land is unchanged.Nausea is much higher than normal for me(normal=vomiting 4-5 times daily)Any suggestion or comments to soothe Mind Greatly Welcome! ...Well just after I posted I had nice Violent Vomiting spell-- it caused profuse sweating and shakes as well as extreme weakness. I unfortunatly have to say(gross stuff) there is what appeard to be bloody pus/mucas in this most recent episode. Thank All of You for the caring and understanding we all need ,and The Board s blessed to have such an informed Community. Peace, Ez
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    The vomitting and the chunks of dark stuff in your mucus suggest something other than Fibro and very serious.
    Please edit your post and direct it to Sujay, Madwolf or ac77 or all three for answers.
    Honestly, if I were you, I'd be at the Emergency Room right now, not on this Board! Please get help, insured or not.
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    this sounds serious. You could have have a sinus infection that has progressed to a general infection.

    Colored mucous indicates a bacteria is present, at least that is what I have been told by Drs.

    For heaven's sake get into a clinic, or see a doctor. Do you have public health that will help you and charge you on a sliding scale depending on how much you can pay. Often they will bill you and allow you to pay a little at a time.

    With concern,


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    as it could be Urgent condition,but it started in November with dark sputum and vomitng daily.The part that is different is the smell,as well a substantial increase of size and amount of darker stuff. I may be complacient w/HC as the frustration of more bad days than good are occuring and my Dr still says to stop informing myself on my health concerns.The last trip to ER 2 1/2 yrs ago i was treated like what they call Drug left me humileated and caused a great amount of stress. Thanks L
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    My first recommendation for an acute (new) symptom like this would be an ER visit, but if this is indeed a long-standing problem you need to bring it to your doctor's attention. I'm sure your doctor wants you to understand and appreciate the difference between educating yourself about your condition and having the informed, clinical opinion that he is trying to reach as a professional. As patients, we have to be careful not to interfere with our doctors' ability to come to a clinical judgment and formulate a plan. We may bring concerns to their attention, but we need to remember that a little distance MAY help them to see things that are not apparent to us, even if we have equivalent degrees. That does not mean we should suspend our own judgment, we just have to try to stay out of their way; if we find they are not addressing all of our concerns we may need to look for another physician.

    Good luck with your current problem. You may see from my other posts that I believe cure could be possible for all of us, but other problems need to be dealt with as they come up; we're not immune to other problems, so go see your doctor and give him a chance to do his job. If this is an ongoing problem that he has been minimizing or dissmissing it may be time to look for someone new.

    Hang in there. We all hope you're feeling better soon.


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    I did phone my only HCP.the neurologist, he orderd CXR,C/S SputumC/S, CBC-diff,CMP,CRP,ANA,PT,PTT,ESR. No the fun of finding lab to draw blood w/minimum upfront cash.I asked which were totally needed and he asked how much time I wanted to see the future(i guess he means all are important).If I vomit within say !hr of med intake do I loose That dose? I am worried I'm not getting Meds enough in the system to be effective. I did also check into MD Joseph Mercola- Cost 1st trip $620 2nd trip $185, then the cost for what his system finds I need. i am interested,at 8hr work a week,some of which I am to dizzy to go .I may need to put seeing him on list for 2004 ,it Does sound beneficial. Well off to negotiate Lab Cost.Thank too all for imput and support---it may seem I am alone,Basically that is the case as of recent and it does not make it easier I just feel more accomplished when i set and finish task--look for positive always my moto! Peace ,L
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    There is no way anyone can diagnose you without blood work at this point--only speculate. Head Madwolfs advice and go to the ER pleaseeeee. Hyperemesis, along with respitory problems is a serious problem...and vomiting blood could be internal bleeding! The causes can range from a simple viral infection to TB to certain autoimmune problems. It could be dangerous if not fatal to not seek help. If the last ER humilaitated you, go to a different one. If they dont believe you vomit on the Dr to prove it!

    If in fact it is yeast. And your doctor at the ER clears you, Nystatin is a decent, mostly safe RX medication to treat this.

    I fear you will become dehydrated if you dont get medical assistance ASAP. Please go to the ER, they can check you for various causes. Drink 1/3 gatorade to 2/3rds much as you can consume until you get to the Emergency Department. This doesnt sound like a simple yeast infection--although it may be secondary!

    And I reread your post. I definetly think you should get the labs at all costs. And yes, if you vomit within 1 hr, depending on the med you took, you most likely sent it down the drain. Usually after 1 hr most meds are absorbed. You might need an antiemetic, such as Compazine or Thorazine these are the cheapest without insurance and also Zofran is good but expensive. Ginger Caps with Vitamin B-12 and B-6 has been shown, I believe to help nausea/vomiting. Ask your prescriber about all this... GOOD LUCK
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    I am following what I feel comfortable As good advise. Still VERY fearful,trying to learn as much as possible to other local hopitals as I await transportation.I am going to call my DR and tell him my hospital choice and have him contact ER as to help calm nerves as well as alert attending to read if not enough in head to comprehend. No problem on vomiting on whomever if i feel maltreated .Also I have Propel by gatorade,has some B vits and low sugar 3grms/12oz.Is this ok to drink,as I can not get what sugg?I do feel very thirsty last 36pls hrs so I have increased H2O intake drammatically.When body feels to much,lets it back out via vomit (LOL). THANX to ALL for imput-when my own mother has been saying it is all in my head,seeing me drop weight as I have,has helped perhaps pull me out of some denial for that I am very greatful! Peace,Lisa/Ez