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    Thanks for your response re: my unexplained (and appalling!)
    dizziness. You had mentioned hypercoagulation and under-lying pathogen ; both of what I have done reading on this past due to other suspicious links I have to symptoms. My question is, what kind of doc is most likely to seriously help me to figure it out? As I stated, I will be seeing an Endo in a couple weeks due to other situations that scream adrenal, would you reccomend that I should bring this up as well? I have suffered w/ this dd for many years with very little medical help as I do not have insurance. Now it seems I do not have any choice but to begin finding the right treatment and I really just don't want to appear a total fool asking a doc about something that has nothing to do with them...I remember after my accident a few years ago, I had to go to a neurologist, rheumy, and I believe a physicist and boy they were a scary bunch! Of course, auto insurance co. was paying them, so I dare say that had something to do with it. All I know is not being able to hardly move after their examinations, which is why I have tried to just get along on my own. Thanks for your help, as always I appreciate you so. Love, Rebel
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    I'd vote for a family physicain or a good general internist, as they are most accustomed to looking at the whole patient. Some rheumatologists are excellent diagnosticians, and they should be most familiar with Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome, and I think we are dealing with a variant of this. Mostly, though, you'll need someone who really pays attention to you and is willing to admit he may not have all the answers. Keep looking, because I really believe there is hope out there for you.

    Good luck,
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    start with an internist. then if that doesnt work, possibly a pathologist <----I squirm at that idea. and also, a cardiologist. An FM knowledgable doctor is always foremost the best option.
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    I have been so wiped out by this stupid mass infection that has my lymph system in a twist,that I am just know checking my posts. I can not tell you how refreshing it was to find responses from three highly intelligent medical pros after an exhausting trip to my pcp. He is a good man, a good doc...just doesn't know diddle about Fibro I'm afraid. Once he gave me the plan of attack for this current infection , he discovered bruise on my leg and asked why? Told him of the falling of late (last 3or 4 mos,), wants me to use cane when out, and thinks it is time for me to give up working so hard in my business.The important pt. I should make here is I haven't been working for 18 mos. and yes, he knew at the time! Wasn't given a chance to blow this dizziness thing past him,probably just as well. I have written down your suggestions, may God help me find at least one doc that knows the things you all do; I truly don't know if there are any in Michigan at this point!
    I will promise all three of you that I WILL NOT give up;
    I know they exist because of all the time, knowledge, and parts of yourselves that you all share so generously here.
    Please never doubt the mammoth blessing of knowing you all.
    Madwolf-you know I would have included you, but I knew you were on a well deserved vacation, so glad you had such a good time. Kudos for the encouragement to all of you.
    Thank you soooo much! love, Rebel
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    just so they all know I appreciate them!! :)