SUJAY IS THIS infopeptide BEYOND colustrum??? PM

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    DEar sujay: read your stuff on colustrum, i was sent this product free and it has some benefits, fatigue, body pain, less flu like, my problem as with everything, the bizaree sandpaper dry dry fire ant like burning biting in my mouth tongue throat and bronchi's which CHENEY says is part sensory and rest th2 overactivation and rest he doesn't know in my opinion seems exascerbated by eeryting i try,

    of course my gut problems and food sensitvities and inablilty to stay on a rotation diet due to binging YES i know i shouldn't but in my own defense many things going on even Dr. cheney said i'm suffering nutritionally due to being bedridden pain, just sick as heck for 5 yrs. you know the vicious cycle

    But the co. and founder had cfs in 80's this product is an infopepetide

    THIS IS Long i can't post URL but got this from Q and A's it's supposed to be BEYOND colustrum

    PLEASE you and all read and give imput,

    I"d like to know do you think MILK is in final product they say no.....

    i''ve become intoleratnt to whey protein due to hurts stomach and casein and lactose intoleratnt

    PLEASE read
    A: Cytolog is a special concentration of specific low molecular weight peptides normally found in human and animal blood and milk. In Cytolog they are suspended in a fluid carrier and are not freeze dried, dehydrated, spray dried, pasteurized or denatured in any way.
    Q: How is it obtained?
    A: The specific peptides are separated, in a proprietary process, from bovine colostrum in such a way as to allow them to remain in a natural state without the interference or association with other peptides, proteins or any other naturally occurring constituents. Cytolog is manufactured in Northern California in a sterile environment, and in conformance with all requirements of the USA Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended and the general regulations for its enforcement.
    Q: So is it like Colostrum?
    A: Not at all. While it originates from Bovine Colostrum, in it's final stage it is totally unlike colostrum or any other product we know of.
    Q: How does Cytolog work?
    A: Based on numerous clinical and field observations, our developing theory proposes that these specific protein derivatives, induce anti-inflammatory cytokine-type activity by the body allowing the immune system to reorient or correct its response strategy against autoimmune disease processes. In other words, we believe that these peptides induce cellular recovery allowing the cells to relieve, and in many cases cure themselves of their inability to respond naturally to whatever is or has been challenging them.
    Q: So, is Cytolog a cure?
    A: Not in the literal sense. We must understand that only the body can cure itself. A "thing" or "substance" such as a drug cannot cure. The body may or may not use something depending on the body's priorities and its usefulness as determined by the cells. In fact, most of the time drugs interfere with the body's wise determination to restore itself, which it is constantly doing to various degrees all the time anyway. Drugs usually overwhelm the cells resistance to them and then impose or intervene in cellular processes. We call the perceived cellular response to the drug a “side effect”, which is more medically acceptable than saying it is harmful. If the appropriate resource is available, the body knows what to do with it. In clinical situations with the use of Cytolog, and depending on the challenge, the body can sometimes recover itself in a few hours. In the case of Viral Respiratory Infection in infants, the initiated recovery may begin within minutes and be mostly complete within the first hour. With Viral Respiratory Infection in infants, the recovery is seen in virtually 100 percent of the cases.
    Q: What is the chemical action?
    A: Unlike a drug, there is no apparent chemical action or function. We believe the peptides involved deliver information, analogous to computer software. That this information is very basic in nature and acts as a sort of "basic operating software" directing or contributing to the cells ability to respond to immunological challenges. We call these peptides "Infopeptides." We believe this type of information is the first and most basic information nature intended to deliver to the cells of infants through colostrum from the first few days of breast feeding prior to the digestive process being initiated and becoming fully functional. In Cytolog these special peptides are more concentrated and we believe more free of any negative environmental influences that you may find in whole colostrum at this point in time. (In PhD Candace Pert's milestone book "Molecules of Emotion", Dr. Pert traces her scientific journey in documenting the existance of what appears to be information carrying proteins and receptor sites throughout the body. We believe Cytolog may represent the first commercial product that appears to operate consistant with her scientific findings).
    Q: Could you be more specific?
    A: Initial clinical observations in humans have demonstrated marked and very rapid reductions of inflammation, edema, pain and fever regardless of the cause. Cytolog’s ability to influence a broad range of seemingly unrelated diseases, while being able to cross over into other species, suggests that there is an operating mode of influence involving the transportation of information only. It appears that Cytolog is particularly effective in its application with various viral and autoimmune conditions.
    Q: What are the practical applications for Infopeptide™ supplementation?
    A: At this time, the evaluation of Infopeptides is focused on twenty general categories of disease: Allergies, Arthritis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Cancer (adjunctive use only), Celiac Sprue, Crohn's disease, Diabetes type II, Hypertension, Lupus (discoid & systemic), Multiple Sclerosis, Perthes disease (active), Premenstrual Syndrome & Endometriosis, Prion diseases (Kuru & Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome), Psoriasis, Sjogren's syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Thrombocytopenia (idiopathic & autoimmune), topical applications (burns, wounds, infections, insect bites, diaper rash & herpetic lesions), acute viral infections, chronic viral infections, cankor sores, cold sores, vitiligo and recently, acne.
    Q: What are Infopeptides™?
    A: The word "Infopeptide" was invented and first used by the developer of Cytolog in 1993 as a way to describe his discovery. Infopeptides refers to a class of small proteins that are believed to act as informational media, advising and coordinating appropriate cellular functions in humans and other mammals. Information available at this time suggests that these peptides are produced in the ribosomes of cells, then circulate in the blood, and in the case of pregnant females, concentrate in the colostrum. The word Infopeptide™ is a trademark of Cellogic Corporation.
    Q: How does the body use the Infopeptides™?
    A: The Infopeptides are absorbed through the oral mucosa and are not utilized through the digestive tract. For effective use, they have to be absorbed by live cells. This could also apply to an open wound. The cells seem to be able to clone or transfer the information to other cells in the body very fast. In infants, we have seen recovery from Viral Respiratory Infection and fever in about an hour which would be indicative of the information being shared extremely fast, especially given the total number of cells involved.
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    Good to see you posting again. I can't help with your questions, but did want to say 'hello' to you anyway!

    Sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I'm not familiar with this product, so I can't respond to your question directly. However, transfer factor is complosed of small poroteins called immunopeptides, and they are responsible for transfer of what we call passive immunity from mammalian mothers to their infants, whose immune system is not yet mature. This is done in colostrum, or mother's first milk. Baby llamas, calves, etc., may die if not given a chance to consume that first "milk" within the first 24 hours of life. Fortunately, humans are not so sensitive, but we can benefit even as adults. Furthermore, because the immunopeptides are not species-specific, we can take advantage of bovine colostrum (which is a lot easier to obtain that human colostrum) and boost our immune systems to fight off pesky organisms. At least one company has developed transfer factor that will specifically tackle EBV and HHV-6 by collecting it from cows known to be infected with these organisms.

    Hope this helped clarify some of the issues. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I try to check this board at least once a week, but not on a regular basis. Be sure to put my name somewhere in the message so I don't miss it.
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    You mentioned one company had collected the transfer from bovine sources which can fight the EBV and HHV-6. Could you please tell me the name of the company and the product.

    As you know, I went into complete remission when put on Famvir, but it is sooooooo expensive and I'm not sure of the long-term effects of taking antivirals. In fact, I would appreciate any input you might have for me regarding how to proceed with trying to fight what I believe to be a chronic Herpes-family infection. Thank you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Immunity Today has a web site. The people who run it are very nice, and will be happy to answer any of your questions. Let me know if you lneed any more help.

    I'll answer your question at more length at a later date, but I'm going to be at a conference out of town for a while. Suffice it to say I think the problem with hypercoagulation needs to be addressed as well, and I've posted fairly extensively on that elsewhere.

    Hang in there, and I'm betting you can beat this thing.

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    I may have been under the mistaken impression that if one were to address the mycoplasma infection that it would take care of the hypercoagulation. Is there a connection between the two?

    I know how busy you are and appreciate your help. Whenever you can get around to my questions is more than soon enough and very appreciated.


    Love, Mikie
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    Holy Cow! That stuff is expensive. My co-pay for Famvir is $50 a month with my insurance, so that would definitely be cheaper. The question is whether the risk of taking an antiviral med versus a bovine product is greater.

    Thanks for the info. I guess if it works, it would be worth it. I wonder how long one would have to take it. I guess it would be like the antibiotics for mycoplasmas. You take it til your body has beaten it into remission as the Herpes viruses never completely leave the body. It is possible to eventually kill off all the mycoplasmas with the ABX.

    Something for me to think about. Thanks again.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Paulmark,

    On tapping cytolog into search messages I see you already posted the same article as I found on 05/10/03. I missed your post, and wouldn`t have understood a word at the time anyway.
    As I have only recently been doing a lot of research, and only now have a better understanding of how the body and cells work...

    I have ordered this product and am expecting delivery any day, be assured that I shall let you know if we, my daughter too with CFS have improvement. I am sceptical so not expecting a miracle - be nice though.....
    As regards your concernes, can you E Mail the Cytolog company for answeres?

    Love Pat.
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    dear pat: o f course i will email you send me you E.M. add.

    God bless