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    Thanks for you suggestion on that. In terms of it's help in MS, and my disablity is very in line with that, it MIGHT be negotiable in the UK. I know nickname has been put on it by Dr hyams.

    You say it increases the killer cells, what about the TH1 and TH2 turn around that is significant in many of us with cfs, I have this too.

    Haven't been taking bromelain long enough to break fibrin down yet but am getting what I've leant it an immune response at the moment. Nerve, muscle, and joint pain, have increased dramatically; am concentrating on treating GI tract whilst I wait for some signs that the fibrin is shifting.

    I have had increased DNA binding quite often but on one occassion they checked for DNA antibodies and that was ok.

    Just feel I need to get killer cells and lymphocyte ratios corrected so my imuune system kills the pathogens instead of just causing inflammation and increasing my allergic reactions.

    Any info would be so helpful I can then ask my sister to check it out, she'a a pharmacist. There may, as there so often is, be a reluctance in the UK to prescribe this; but if it looks worthwhile, and is safe, I might be able to negotiate a private prescrition.


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    My understanding is that LDN will enhance killer cell function and correct the skewed TH1/TH2 ratio. Sorry I can't list any resources for you off the top of my head. I know Carol Ann Ryser, MD, has worked with this, and she may have covered the topic for this website. I'll let you know if I come up with anything else helpful, but I'm swamped right now, so would be interested with whatever you and your sister can track down.

    Good luck, and thanks for the help,
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    LDN is supposed to help with correcting the TH1/TH2 imbalanced ratio which I have on blood testing. Can't remember any articles off the top of my head - crap at the moment with a period - but try Cheney - seem to remember something there. It has been excellent for my sleep and and reduction in shoulder pain, and thats only on half dose (1.5mg)Will be upping it to 2mg over the next few days when I feel that it is right.
    Best wishes
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    seems a very attractive proposition. Guess I'm just tired of the NHS, most doctors attitudes to CFS, supps possibly being banned, and lack of good disabled access and transport around here.

    Three of my male friends left the UK to live abroad during the last year, tried not be envious. When I get fit enough to travel again I'm going to be doing some visiting.

    Hope the celebratory weekend has gone, and continues to go, well.

    Love from across the big pond

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    I will look up Dr Ryser's site. I feel this is something I need to do soon, if pathogens do reemerge I want the right white blood cells there to do their job. When I've looked into this I'll e-mail my sister and ask several other pharmacists I know. If it's as safe as claimed can't see how a private prescription can be refused.


    Once again thanks for the info, as always you've come up trumps. Will check out Cheney's piece on this. Got numerous copies of past blood tests which show this, most at the hospital can't be found (again!).

    It's great that you are finding this helps, it just sounds such a sensible treatment in both our cases.

    Love to you both

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