Sujay, Madwolf, I reiterate and REAL alt. to whey protein

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  1. PaulMark

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    I"ve posted before and the answers were all VIt. C,
    my dr. Cheney granted he doesn't know it all, but he told me point blank that whey protein isolates were the only thing he had seen in his l5 yrs. of cfs practice that increases blood glutathiane levels

    I asked him about professor hubbards NAC evening primrose and Vit. C , he said was not aware of this and to NOT take NAC caps, didn't say why but was very specific about it

    SO what do those of us do who have low gluthiaine levels which is almost universal in CFS DO to increase it???

    I have trouble believing
    l. vit C alone would do it
    2. you can't eat enough avocados asp. to to do it
    3. CAn anyone find out??

    I"m not that good at searchign and my bedridden time and health is too bad to do it

    so i'm asking you guys does anyone know or can you ask kyour cfs drs.??

    coffe enemas will boost glutathine but they have the down side also,

    Thanks very much, for help,

    Also i would appreciate input on the cytolog questions i posted to sujay or anyone,

    Paul Mark in KY
    feel free to e mail me also
  2. Mikie

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    Is highly recommended in the book on nutrition for Syndrome X. Two other things are celery and cinnamon.

    Love, Mikie
  3. CelticLadee

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    I am in the same boat with you. I can't take whey protein but want to find out what to take to increase glutathione in my system. I have heard a mixture of things but want to know what would be second best to whey protein. I would like to get to the answer as much as you would so we can start doing something good for ourselves.

    By the way I read something that alarmed me about evening primrose. Perhaps it is why Dr. Cheney told you not to take it. I will post this and see what the board members have to say about it since so many are on it. Here is what I read:

    Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

    There is mixed evidence for evening primrose and borage lowering the seizure threshold.
    - 2001 Dec;2(6):524-532 -- Herbal Medicines and Epilepsy: The Potential for Benefit and Adverse Effects. -- Spinella M.
    Use caution if pregnant or lactating.

    It may cause headaches or nausea if taken on an empty stomach, and diarrhea if taken in high doses.

    Evening Primrose 0il should not be used by patients with epilepsy or schizophrenia.

    I'm sure none of us need our seizure threshold lowered!!!
    Well, I hope we find something helpful in the near future. I am sure you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. My best to you. CLD

  4. PaulMark

    PaulMark New Member

    NO cheney said don't take NAC i not sure what that is or if same as l cystein????????

    he was not aware of pro. hubbards primrose NAC and vit c theory

    thanks PM
  5. PaulMark

    PaulMark New Member

    it looks like some of your "medical" people would have heard of a real alernative to whey protein isolates to raise blood and intracelluar glutathiaine levels,

    i guess there are none really known from what i've seen so far, paul mark
  6. pinkquartz

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    why can't we just take NAC or reduced Glutathionine as a supp. ?
    i'm asking because i have taken NAC sometimes to help liver detox. i think and it seemed to help with handling my bad reactions to chemicals........ditto reduced glutathinine [sp].
    the only reason i'm not taking it currently is financial.
  7. PaulMark

    PaulMark New Member

    nac??? i not sure dr. cheney just told me specifically DO not take NAC Paul m
  8. CelticLadee

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    Hi again Paul Mark. Sorry I misread your message. Brain fog.

    I did read that NAC may increase urinary zinc excretion. Maybe that is why Dr. Cheney avoids its use?

    As I said I am looking for a substitute for whey protein.
    I found this one message somewhere else and wondered about this:

    'Goatein' as an alternative protein powder to microfiltered whey. It's a minimally processed organic goats milk protein, predigested with probiotics and yielding a very high amino acid content, including glutathione precursors. Made by Garden of Life USA

    I seem to be intolerant to cow milk but I am wondering maybe goat products might work? Thought I'd share it with you in case it helps. Maybe - maybe not... worth a shot. smile.

    My best to you. CLD