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  1. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Can anyone help me understand the lab results I received in the mail today?

    My 24 hr. urine creatinine clearance was normal, but the blood creatinine clearance test was too high at 124.

    My serum Fibrinogen was too high at 377.

    I looked in the Merck Manual and did a quick Google search, but could not find any explanation that I could understand.
    Does this mean I have kidney disease and a blood clotting disorder?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    P.S. Good news - My C-reactive protein test was normal at 0.54. The 24 hr. heavy metals challenge test came back negative, just like my gut feeling told me it would, in spite of my having lots of fillings and crowns, and grinding my teeth all the time! Even the arsenic proved very low on the challenge test.

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  2. Hippen

    Hippen New Member

    if you ate something within 8 hours of the blood test? Food high in protein can affect the creatine levels in the blood...the 24 hour urine collection is not affected by food intake. Also, some vitamins and supplements can raise the blood creatine levels. High creatine levels can hint towards kidney trouble or muscle degeneration. I hope things work out for you...I am thinking that the blood test should be redone. Sometimes the lab tests are wrong ....or somebody made a mistake. Many here have high fibrinogen due to hypercoagulation. There are some studies linking hypercoagulation to CFIDS/ a search and see what you can find here on this site. Take care.....Love, Hippen
  3. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I could not find any info on creatinine on the Web that I could understand, but I was told I did not need to fast before the test, and had just eaten breakfast before having it done. I was also told by my doctor to make sure to go directly to the lab right after the urine collection was done and have the blood drawn right away. When I told the lab that , they told me in no uncertain terms that I'd have to wait in line like everyone else, and I ended up waiting almost 1 1/2 hrs. I don't know if that would affect the result that much.
    I did a search and found that high fibrinogen occurs in those who have high triglycerides, high cholesterol or high blood pressure (I have all three). It is only a couple of points above the high end of normal. If I remember Jelly's posts, this means I need to take my digestive enzymes inbetween meals, not just at meals, like I have been.
  4. Hippen

    Hippen New Member

    creatinine is the waste given off from creatin...very confusing...LOL. I would have the blood test retaken just in case...because creatin levels need to be checked after at least a 4 hour.....preferably 8 hour fast. The urine test should be okay but the blood test should be taken again just to make sure. Are you taking any meds for your high cholesterol? These meds could also make a difference in your creatin levels. I would not worry...I know it is very easy to think the worst about test results. Ask your Doc about retaking the blood test and see what he thinks. I think if there was a big problem with your kidneys it would have shown in your urine sample as well. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Deal with each problem one at a time...and go from there. Let me know how this turns out...Okay? Love, Hippen
  5. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    The blood test that was too high was "Creatinine clearance".
    Does that help?
    I will ask Dr. on Monday, but wanted a head start, since I have 12 questions on my list already!
  6. tansy

    tansy New Member

    and found it can also be attributed to a high protein diet. Mine was slightly raised and I have a history that means I have taken this seriously and because I feel hypercoagulation is relevant in my case too.

    So like you I take DEs with meals and bromelain between them. There are other supplements etc that thin the blood, so maybe we both need to look into those as additional insurance.

    No idea on the creatine but hopefully you'll have a better understanding on this before your Dr's appointment.


  7. nickname

    nickname New Member

    .....Do I understand this right? Part of your question is querying the reason why your urine creatinine clearance was normal but your blood creatinine clearance was too high - ie why the difference between urine/blood values giving different values? Help me out here, because I too wonder this, as I have had this happen to me on thyroid urine/blood tests - in my case, urine too high but blood normal. Why the difference?

    Can't give you any other help - sorry.

    best wishes
  8. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I am on a high protein diet, so maybe that explains it somewhat.
    I am concerned primarily that the blood test was too high, not that it differed from the urine test.
    I have been afraid to take DE's between meals....worry that they will wreck my stomach.
  9. sujay

    sujay New Member

    A Creatinine Clearance Test is a measure of kidney function (basically measuring at what rate creatinine is cleared by the kidneys from the body). The blood test should be done during the time the urine is being collected. (We usually have patients bring their sample in and draw their blood here in the office just before they contribute the final specimen and turn over the jug.) Usually we only worry if the value is low, indicating that the kidneys are not doing their job properly, but some doctors worry that abnormally high values may indicate trouble to come. Most of us recommend repeating the test, perhaps on an annual basis, but I sometimes wonder if that's not just done to reassure the doc he's not going to miss anything.

    In your case I'd be more concerned about the high fibrinogen, but that's because I'm concerned about hypercoagulation in ALL of you. I still contend that it holds the key to better understanding of this DD, and maybe to the closest we can ever hope to come to a cure for most of us.

    Be patient as you work with your doctor. All these things take more time than we'd like to sort through, but it's worth it if progress can be made.

  10. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    If you notice in my answer to another post above,I told the lab that I was to have my blood drawn immediately at the end of the test ,and they informed me in very haughty terms that I would wait in line like everyone else, so I waited almsot 1 1/2 hrs. Maybe that is the reason for the abnormal reading. I do so miss the good old days when we had our labs drawn in our doctor's office. I will tell my doctor about this on Monday.
  11. klutzo

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